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Aug 4, 2014 01:04 PM

St martin

Spending 10 days in St Martin. Would love to have your suggestions for restaurants. Everything from finer dining to, and especially, local spots. Thx !!

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  1. Grand Case on the French side is a gourmet's delight. L'Estaminet is great as is Pizza Pascal and just about all restaurants there also Yvette's in Orlean(this is REAL local cuisine and is not expensive). On the Dutch side there is Tutta Pasta, Izi, Pineapple Pete's, Skip Jack's, Bajatzu, Fig, The Hideaway. There are too many good ones to list but this is a good list. Some are fine dining and some are not fancy but good restaurants.

    1. We enjoyed Big Fish (Dutch side near Westin) and Le Pressoir (French side).