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Aug 4, 2014 01:02 PM

Halo Halo in Oahu

I hadnt had halohalo in years...until yesterday. After a long hot hike, we went to Shimazu Store for some shave ice...but I was very indecisive on flavor selection so I pulled a change-up and went halohalo + ube ice cream (which is an extra charge there but well worth it). I enjoyed this halohalo waaaaay more than i would any shave ice....sweet azuke, jellies, coconut meat (i think - could have been different kind of jelly), ube ice cream, chunkier ice with milk....very satisfying, albeit a bit pricy at almost 7 bucks with the ice cream. I enjoyed it so much that i'm now interested in tracking down some fun versions around the island - authentic or otherwise. Any recommendations?

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  1. I enjoy the halo halo with ube ice cream at Dave's ice cream. It's a little bit cheaper than Shimazu Store, and big enough to share unless you are a hearty eater.

    1. I'm not a big halo halo fan so I can't give you recommendations for specific places. But I would try Filipino restaurants as it's commonly served as desserts there.

      1. The halo halo at jolibees on dillingham wasn't bad. Maybe not the best. I recommend drive through.

        1. Elena's in Waipahu, very nice after a meal there.

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            Agree on Elena's, their halo halo is excellent.
            Jollibee is good for palabok

          2. Don't like Jolibee's, but Max's was ok