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Aug 4, 2014 12:53 PM

Lost & Found Beer Garden - Oakland

2040 Telegraph behind the Paramount, next to Hutch. Been open a few months. Nice selection of craft beers, good food, huge outdoor area.

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  1. Standouts for me were the Thai curry popcorn, pig ears, and pork sandwich.

    1. I haven't posted because I haven't tried the food but it's certainly one of the more pleasant places to drink beer in town- hard to beat the towering back wall emblazoned "PARAMOUNT" for Oakland charm, and it really is garden-like.

      Initially I was hearing a lot of Romper Room comparisons with kids running amok, but I haven't observed that, including on weekend afternoons.

      1. I agree that the Thai curry popcorn is good. I liked the ramen funnel cake, too. I didn't like the grilled cheese. Good beer list.

        1. we tried L & F for brunch, first visit to the place. as a beer cafeteria with a nice patio area, not bad. overall pub (or quasi-brasserie like the Linden "Dock") experience, no better than C+. the popular 'Thai flavour' popcorn tasted like it was made the day before. if it's made with freshly popped corn, consumed in its first few hours, might be very good. their small plates are truly small bites, fresh ingredients, but with no creative or exceptional characteristics. the best thing we ate was the braised pork sandwich. the kitchen gave me the impression of leaning to the institutional/profit grinding, rather than soulful, which is probably intentional with the focus on the beers. virtually no hospitality or service beyond very friendly counter attendants[as a customer, should not wonder if tipping .15 is too much, but it did cross my mind]. they provide nice cloth towels for napkins and discourage utensils ; disposables are by request.

          1. Went once a few weeks after they opened - that outdoor area really is gigantic, could practically fit a whole other business in there and still have plenty of room for diners/drinkers. Food was ok, not inspiring, but I really hated the beer list. No imagination whatsoever, and considering how many quality beer spots there are nowadays around Oakland, the list really stuck in my craw. Hopefully it's gotten better since then, but I haven't been able to come up with a good enough reason to go back yet.

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              I thought the selection was quite good with a lot of obscure stuff I had not had before. I spent over six hours there and repeated only one.