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Aug 4, 2014 12:40 PM

Fish tacos in San Clemente

For anyone looking for fish tacos in San Clemente, and don't want to fall into the local trap that is Pedro's, I found some quite passable, fairly delicious fish tacos in town.

It's on El Camino (next to the Radio Shack) there is a little bakery… used to be called Hectors, now has another name… Anyhow I was driving by and they now have a little paper sign on their window that says that on Saturdays and Sundays only, they sell fish and shrimp tacos. I stopped in and tried a few. If they are eaten immediately (as all fish tacos should be) they are actually quite good. Certainly sufficient to satisfy a craving, so long as you aren't expecting Tacos Baja Ensenada/Ricky's/Taco Nazo quality.

I'm pretty sure they are lunch only on Sat/Sunday and I'm not sure if they'll do it all year or just summer, but again, worth a try. Otherwise, your options in town are Pedro's or Del Taco, and I wouldn't wish either on my worst enemy.

So, next time you wrap up a saturday beach session at T-Street, head up the road and grab fish tacos at this bakery.

I'll try to grab pictures if I go there this weekend.

One More Bite Bakery
818 South El Camino Real
San Clemente, CA

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  1. This looks to be their website but I don't see any fish tacos listed on their food menu. Thanks for sharing the find, in any case.

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      Yup, that's the place. They don't even have tacos on the menu inside the place either. Just a paper sign on the window as you walk in.

      Worth a try if you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood.