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Aug 4, 2014 12:39 PM

Work trip lands me just outside of Burlington for 2 weeks

Hello everyone,

As the title says, I will be in VT for two weeks beginning this Saturday, the 9th. We will be staying at the Residence Inn in Williston. I have searched the boards and have found a lot of good recommendations, but many of the threads I've been reading have been old, or for families, or for breakfast/lunch.

I am looking for evening recommendations only as I will be working all day. I love New American cuisine, but am up for anything local, unique, or unusual. I am a huge craft beer drinker and I love a good cocktail (rye/bourbon/scotch preferred). I prefer places that don't require reservations (although upscale places with a bar are definitely doable) since I am travelling with a co-worker and have no idea if they will be dining with me or not.

So far I have these places on my list:

Delia Trattoria - Doubtful, but a consideration if I end up having extra per diem to splurge.

El Cortijo - New American aside, Mexican is definitely my favorite type of cuisine. Lengua!

Vermont Hotel - Juniper or Hen of the Wood?

Al’s French Frys - maybe a quick stop after my flight arrives on Saturday.

South End Truck Stop - sounds like a fun event.

Farmhouse Tap & Grill - sounds like my type of place.

I feel like I need more moderately priced options. Also any recommendations for a place with a large beer selection and some upscale pub grub would be great too.

For my one day off I plan on hiking the Camel's Hump and then hitting up B&J for the tour and Alchemist for a chance at that sweet, sweet Heady Topper. Although I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks for any recommendations. This community has never failed me in the past, so I look forward to any/all responses.

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  1. Vermont Tap House might fit price and beer options. We had lunch there a week and change ago and it was decent food and had a fairly extensive beer list. Not too expensive.

    Although it's a chain, Texas Roadhouse does a pretty darned good lunch on the weekends (only, IIRC) and I like their dinners, too. I have no idea what their beer selection is like.

    If you want some Heady Topper, there's a whole list of places that sell it that you can try. That list shows what day of the week they get their delivery, as well. So you have the best chance of getting some (I don't know if it's still so hard to get these days) if you get there on the day of delivery.

    Misery Loves Company is really great, foodwise.

    If you could give more of an idea of what you'd consider moderately priced (like, below $15 for the entree?) might be able to come up with some other ideas.

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      Ditto Morgana about buying Heady at a local store. The Alchemist Brewery is not open to the public at the moment so you won't be able to go visit. There is a craft beer store in Maple Tree Place, next to the movie theater, just down the road from your hotel. The Beer Palate: They have an extensive selection of craft beers and you can even get some on tap in a growler.
      I have not had a chance to try Vermont Tap House yet but everyone I know that has had good things to say about it. Its located just down the road from your hotel.
      The good news is that just about any restaurant you go to will have a local beers on tap. Vermont is very much a buy/eat local kind of place.
      Chef's Corner in Williston is a good bet for breakfast/lunch.
      Also, if you are at a bar/restaurant that has it, be sure to try some Whistlepig whiskey!

      1. re: bm_vt

        Thanks for the heads up on Alchemist. I had no idea. Um very sad now. Are there any other breweries in the area worth visiting? I'm not really interested in Magic Hat.

        1. re: sixteenbiticon

          Defiitely check out Fiddlehead in Burlington. If you have time for a short drive, Lost Nation in Morrisville.

      2. re: Morganna

        I would consider entrees under $20 as moderately priced. As for my splurge meal I'd be willing to go up to mid-twenties.

        We have a Texas Roundhouse a few miles from where we live, and although I've never been there, that wouldn't be a restaurant I'm interested in trying.

        I haven't heard of Misery Loves Company, I'll look into it. Thanks.

        Edit: I forgot to mention I love a good cheese and/or charcuterie plate, so that is a definite plus.

        1. re: sixteenbiticon

          In which case you should look into Guild Fine Meats, as well.

      3. Also, I'd love a recommendation for lunch in Waterbury after my hike at Camel's Hump before heading over to B&Js. The Blue Stone looks good. Thoughts?

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        1. re: sixteenbiticon

          If your hike is a Fri/Sat/Sun I'd go to Prohibition Pig in Waterbury for lunch. Fantastic food, fantastic beer.

          Yes its a bummer about the Alchemist. They were basically forced to close to the public because they got too popular! They are working on building a new tasting room in Stowe so maybe next time you come up you can hit that up. In the meantime you should be able to find it in the local stores (see the website Morgana gave you for days/stores) and in restaurants. Natural Provisions which is near your hotel carries it.
          Other breweries...Fiddlehead in Shelburne. Switchback in Burlington. If you are going to be in Waterbury you could head 20ish minutes north to Morrisville and hit up Rock Art and/or Lost Nation.
          If you feel like a 30-35 minute drive from Williston for dinner the Bobcat Cafe and Brewery in Bristol has great food/beer.

          1. re: sixteenbiticon

            Juniper's Fare is -really good-. It's down at the junction with 100, across the street from Snowfire Auto. Worth the drive down that way.

            Blue Stone is reasonably priced, decent food last I went (which was over a year ago).

            I know that loads of people swear by Prohibition Pig's lunch but I find some of their food more expensive than I think it's worth. It is NOT BAD, it's GOOD food, just more money that I'd like to spend on lunch, for what you get.

          2. Find Alchemist. Do not miss this!

            Also, don't neglect their delicious farmers' market in town. There are prepared food vendors, as well as great cheeses and a great atmosphere. I have visited it and bought everything I needed for lunch with family when I was in town. They have a website for more information.

            You might also try Vermont Pub and Brewery.

            1. Vermont Tap House has a GREAT beer selection and is less than a mile from your could also check out 2 places in Hinesburg (both within 15 minutes of Residence Inn, Good Times Café and The Hinesburg Public House....for Heady, try Natural Provisions a (store 5 minutes from the hotel), for the splurge dinner, the Kitchen Table Bistro is 10 minutes away...sit at the bar and tell Andy that Tony O sent you.......on Sundays, The Guild has $10 burgers (10 minutes from hotel...they also have specials on Monday and Tuesday and have a great beer selection)....Pulcinella's is 10 minutes away and is also a good place to sit at the bar and eat...Mexicali has 1/2 priced wings on Tuesday night (5 minutes from hotel)......hope that helps

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              1. re: TonyO

                Hey, Tony, last time I was at Mexicali (which was a looong time ago, when uhm, Serenity came out) it was horrendous and we've never been back. Has it improved? What do you like there (aside the wings)?

                1. re: Morganna

                  Mexicali's strengths are appetizers, burgers, wings, and friendly bartenders. I also like their grilled chicken sandwich and they have a great coffee from local roaster Brown and Jenkins!

                  1. re: TonyO

                    Ahhh ok that explains it. We only ever got the texmex there and it was so horrid last time we were there we didn't go back. :) I'm hoping that the new Vietnamese place coming to maple place is good. :)

                2. re: TonyO

                  Good call re: Good Times Cafe in Hinesburg. Really great place. We went to Hinesburgh Public House over the weekend and they recently changed their menu-really not impressed. Only 4 entrees, 6 or so "small plates" and then a sandwich menu. They also got rid of their broiled fish and chips which was one of my favorites. Sigh. I ended up with a burger which was fine, but wish they had more variety of entrees.
                  They also changed their kid menu which was probably my favorite part of the place-they got rid of the salmon, grilled chicken etc.

                3. Das Bierhaus has a pretty good rep for German beer and food. It is downtown. I find Farmhouse Tap and Grill to be so hip it hurts. Only been there twice so I can't critique everything, but the food was highly overrated. The "patio" is lets push the dumpster out of the way and put some tables back here. Beer is pretty good.

                  Vermont Pub and Brewery is the oldest brewpub in town (willing to be corrected on that, I just remember it being there for a long time before anything of its type). Food is kind of average but the beer is good.

                  Al's is iconic, but its unabashedly a fast food place, nothing more nothing less.

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                  1. re: Shann

                    Yeah, Das Bierhaus has yummy food, too, but it's fairly pricey. :)