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Aug 4, 2014 12:37 PM

Fresh Soba Noodles in OC- Tanakaya

Has anyone tried this new place Tanakaya in Tustin? Apparently they make their own soba noodles from scratch.

Looks legit.

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  1. Ten Zaru soba and hot udon.

    Tempura here is excellent. I prefer my soba and udon a bit chewier. Worth a try.

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    1. re: Porthos

      Tempura was excellent as was the chicken karage. Both were very delicately and expertly fried. Not greasy at all and piping hot out of the fryer.

      I'm not a huge soba fan but the noodles were good.

      My only complaint was that the udon contained soba noodles. Maybe this is traditional or maybe I read the menu incorrectly but when I see udon on a menu I was expecting udon noodles. The duck udon was very good apart from the noodle misunderstanding.

    2. Tried twice in the past two weeks. Their soba is the best in oc IMHO.
      Is it as good as the one served at Otafuku in Gardena? Probably not. But you don't have to drive an hour or more.
      They also have a excellent Filet Katsu Don.