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Aug 4, 2014 12:10 PM

Do dark pans brown better?

I remember being told that the darker the surface color of the metal in a frying/sauté pan the easier it is to brown something.
I know this it true in baking but can't say I buy it 100%.I think it's mostly about temperature When this chef told me this we basically had only two types of pans in the kitchen, uncoated aluminum (Light) and carbon steel (Dark). Anybody ever heard this?

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  1. It's certainly a factor - a minor one - in baking, so it's probably a bit of a factor in a stovetop pan. But the actual temperature of the pan (along with the pan's conductivity and thermal mass, the oil used or not used, factors in the stovetop, etc) completely dwarfs the pan's color as a factor. It's quite easy to brown foods in a bright, shiny pan.

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      I agree with your last sentence but it is harder to not color something in a dark metal pan like eggs.