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Aug 4, 2014 11:53 AM

Wrapping Sandwiches in Wax or Parchment

I'm doing a picnic theme party for my daughter and would like to individually wrap sandwiches in either rye, white or sub style bread. Should I be using wax or parchment paper? The sandwiches will be made the morning of for lunch time.

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  1. My vote's for wax paper it's definitely old-school, and the sandwiches will stay fresh until serving time. Looks even better if you do the deli fold.
    I had to dig for this; the video was too complicated and there aren't many out there.

    Disclosure: I am not endorsing any of the other content on this woman's blog.

    1. Wax paper- like mom used to make my sandwiches for school ;-)

      1. I'd like to receive a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and tied (like a present) with thin bakery twine, preferably in a color, such as red or blue.

        1. Wax Paper, Parchment is too expensive for wrapping Sandwiches. Butcher's Paper would also work for this and be even more economical but less retro.

          1. I'd say wax paper... old school sandwiches weren't in parchment. Parchment is relatively expensive compared to wax paper.

            As I was growing up, one of the first "jobs" I remember around the house was making Dad's lunch for whatever shift he was on that week. He always had a thin layer of butter on both slices... for flavor and to keep bread from sogging. I wouldn't put ANY condiments on them ahead of time.

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              My grandma did the same with the very thin layer of butter on the bread, both sides facing in, then added eggsalad. We would tote around the sandwiches for a few hours before picnicing and they never did become a soggy mess. Wax paper foldover style bags.