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Aug 4, 2014 11:46 AM

Deuxave or Puritan and Company?

Hi there, I'm trying to decide between Deuxave or Puritan and Company for my birthday dinner. Any opinions? I'm also considering Deuxave for dinner, and then Clio for dessert and drinks at the bar afterwards. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

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  1. I've not been to Puritan and Co, but I enjoyed my one meal at Deuxave very much, and the cocktails at Clio should still be good, even though Todd Maul left (or is leaving- not sure if that's happened yet, or not).

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    1. re: kimfair1

      todd is gone, took all his special equipment and i understand some other people left as well. that program is in serious flux right now. would not recommend for cocktails. if just for scotch or cognac, then sure.

    2. Both are very good, but Deuxave feels more special occasion-y to me. I agree that Clio bar after is a good plan, too.

      1. you could do Hawthorne for drinks after Deuxave, too.

        I went to Puritan & Co just once, and it didn't really wow me. I wanted to like it, but nothing was memorable.

        On the other hand I liked Deuxave very much, I've been there twice. Maybe its a style thing. they are really quite different.

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        1. re: ChinaCat

          The Hawthorne is also an excellent idea, though they don't really have desserts. The desserts at Deuxave were quite good, though.

        2. Deuxave for sure. And the setting is alot more special occasion feeling than Puritan. And you might 'retire to the lounge'there for drinks and dessert...

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            My search skills seem to be failing me - I can't find your reviews of either Deuxave or Puritan. Can you link? Thanks!