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Aug 4, 2014 10:48 AM

Short Notice Biz Dinners?


I work at a firm near S. Station where we frequently need to plan business dinners on shortish notice (2-5 days) with 4 to 8 people.

So while I'd love to go to e.g. Row34 it's not really an option.

Criteria: walking distance from S. Station, reservation availability, decent food does not need to be transcendent, not too noisy or cramped but not dead, unobtrusive service, not ridiculously expensive.

What are your go to spots?

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  1. Depends on what you call walking distance...

    Petit Robert Central, for sure. It's usually on the less crowded end, but I wouldn't call it dead. I think they're really underappreciated.

    Bastille Kitchen is just opening in Fort Point. I haven't been yet, but they have a really large space that could fit some of these parameters.

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      "Walking" = ~8 blocks, e.g. fort pt and downtown OK, two great suggestions, thanks Addiez.

    2. We recently had seven people at City Landing. The food was decent and it wasn't too crowded on a Monday night, but it certainly wasn't dead. Clam chowder got good reviews, the beer batter on the fish and chips wasn't greasy or heavy and the fish was fresh, and the tuna tartare and calamari were also tasty. The rolls in the basket appeared to be house-made and freshly baked and were delicious. We got a last minute reservation without a problem. Service was good.

      1. Pastoral if it doesn't have to be very fancy? Though that can get noisy, a side table is usually OK.


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          trade is insanely noisy even when only slightly busy.

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            I was there for lunch a couple of months ago and it wasn't bad at all, maybe it's worse at dinner?

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              That's where my wife always goes from Fort Point with her office for last minute midweek business dinners, and they don't complain about the noise.

              Gather, Merchant, Nebo could be other nearby options to investigate.

        2. Nebo is a good place for business dinners in that area. Once they know you the staff there will do their best to squeeze you in, even if they don't have normal reservations available. The food is consistently good if not wildly creative, service is always professional and they have a full bar.

          1. I've had good experience with Les Zygomates on South St. They accommodate such events quite well and the food is quite good.