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Aug 4, 2014 10:43 AM

Pistachio Grille

Haven't seen this discussed on the board yet, so thought I'd share our experience at Pistachio Grille, technically in Maple Glen, but just off Limekiln Pike. A small BYO located in a small strip mall with the interior nicely decorated to warm up the place.

My wife and I have been here a few times and they have impressed us with each visit. This time was no exception. Appetizers were the spinach salad and the smaller version of the special asparagus risotto. Portion size is never an issue here, and both starters were ample. The risotto (also available as an entree) had 3 large sea scallops and 2 shrimp and was really well done, tons of flavor and just right for a risotto. The salad featured candied pistachios, dried figs and a goat cheese crouton that was also tasty. For entrees, I stuck with an old favorite, the penne with sausage & chicken. A bit greasy, but delicious flavor from all the ingredients. My wife got the Chicken Gourmet, an expertly breaded chicken cutlet with a blend of mushrooms in a sherry tomato sauce. Lip-smacking good.

The dessert spread was and is always nice, but we were already too full!

Aside from being a BYO (to keep costs down), they also have GCs available on Bon appetit!

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  1. Maybe we should check it out again since we live so close. Our past visits were disappointing. Plus we found the food overpriced for what was served. I specifically remember telling our server I am allergic to peppers and they brought our calamari appetizer loaded with peppers.