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Aug 4, 2014 07:05 AM

ISO high end caterers in Monmouth County please!

Looking for a good caterer to do a birthday party in my home. Looking for more inventive cuisine. Not an Italian joint that does penne vodka or chicken francaise. I was looking at D'Jeet - love the restaurant - any experiences with their catering?
Also looking at Brennan's, Sickles and Et Al. catering in Rumson. any feedback?

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  1. not sure this is high end enough but they make delicious food.

    And yes it has the standard dishes you DONT want but take a look and you will see they have some other stuff that is not so "run of the mill"

    Let me think about it some more but that was one that popped into my head.

    1. Why not consider a personal chef to do the party...

      1. We have always been a fan of Mumford's.

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          Mumford's is top notch. Stack, this is someone whom you should also check out for your party.

        2. Whistling Onion, but their website isn't active right now. They're on Facebook.