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Parents 50th anniversary

Where should my siblings and I take our parents (foodies) for a celebratory dinner? It will be mid August...

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  1. It's helpful to know

    -what area of MSP is best?
    -how many of you are there?
    -are there any cuisines that are out/any cuisines that are preferred?
    -are there any budget restrictions?

    1. 5 adults, from tier 1 mpls suburb, no budget, open to all food!

      1. For special occasions like yours, I've always enjoyed Cosmos. It is a great room and the food and service are both excellent.

        1. Cosmos is a great rec. I'd also consider Corner Table.

          1. I've found the more traditional places work well for these type of events. For my money, nobody does these better than Jax. The Kozlaks provide top notch service. Mid-August will be perfect patio weather. The food is always solid and the fun in catching your own trout for those who prefer fish. And they'll add in little touches including personalized match books to mark the event.

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              Didn't Kozlak's close? They were looking for a new space, but I don't think they ever found one. If they did, it didn't get much press.

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                The Kozlaks own Jax's. They also had a few other places that have closed. You may be thinking of Kozlak's Royal Oak.

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                  The Kozlak's started the Royal Oak but hadn't owned it in years. Yes that restaurant is no longer in business but they weren't involved in it for years.

            2. For parents that are foodies, and with no budget, I would choose La Belle Vie. The dining room is pretty quiet, which is helpful if anyone has lost any hearing over the years. I haven't been, but Brasserie Zentral seems to be getting good buzz.

              1. The first place that came to mind was Brasserie Zentral. I have been twice since they opened and was very impressed both times. It feels both classical and yet unique at the same time. The pasta (spaghetti and speck) and the gnocchi (with lambs neck ragu) were especially delicious. I agree that La Belle Vie also would be an excellent choice.

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                  I've been to Brasserie Zentral once and can't wait to go again. I think it would be an excellent celebration place.

                2. I know I sound like a broken record, but I spend most of my special event times at Meritage. Classic, fantastic food, exemplary service, and a feeling of Paris or New Orleans.

                  1. Ugh...still haven't decided! They were just at Brasserie Zentral...and "old school Minnesota" like Jax is not their thing....wanting quaint, white table cloth , a little more special then everyday...

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                          If someone were looking for ambiance over food, these places might fit the bill. But I think foodies would be disappointed at both W.A. Frost and Forepaugh's.

                      1. As docfood says Meritage..........

                        1. La Belle Vie, Alma, Meritage, Lucia's...

                          1. Another thing to consider for folks in their 70's(?) is volume level. (Sorry if I'm being a callow ageist.) Meritage does feel like you're in Paris but it can get kind of loud. LBV, Alma, Piccolo, Lucia's, and Cosmos might be quieter.

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