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Aug 3, 2014 08:17 PM

1 Restaurant and 1 Bodega recommendation for Ribeira Sacra/Ourense and El Bierzo

We are planning to spend just 2 days/1 night in the Ourense and Bierzo regions on the way from the Rias Baixas to Leon. I am sure this is not enough time but we are hoping to get a taste so that we can come back on our next trip.

I'd like to find a good typical Galician restaurant ("rustic" perhaps) for lunch or dinner and one bodega in the Ribeira Sacra region (will to drive up to 1 hour) and the same in El Bierzo (a restaurant typical of the food of the region and a bodega). With respect to bodegas, we enjoy smaller family owned operations (which might characterize most bodegas in the region) if they are open to public visits. Our Spanish is good enough to get something out of a tour.

Greatly appreciate any suggestions you have.

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  1. In the Ribeira Sacra - you could visit Adega Algueira for tasting and then go to A Cantina for lunch. They are in the same town and Algueira is open for tasting regularly (you might want to call them first, or even better make an appointment.)

    It is not a family run winery but in El Bierzo I really like Losada. You need to make an appointment to taste there, I believe. Or if you can, make an appointment to taste with Nacho Leon from Demencia. He is a riot! Super fun guy and excellent wines.

    A good, rustic place to eat in Cacabelos is La Moncloa. They also have a shop where they sell a lot of Bierzo wines.

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      Thanks. I had been looking at La Moncloa so its good to see a recommendation for it. Will check out the other recs.

    2. You have said you are in Ourense. Then my suggestion is stay to the south of the Cañón del Sil. It will make for a shorter journey to Bierzo.
      The Bodega I would suggest is near Castro Caldelas. Ourense. or this bodega which is also near to Ourense.
      I do not feel A Cantina is very rustic. But it is nice. This is rustic: It is in Parada de Sil.
      Moving on to El Bierzo for a family run bodega visit Godelia .
      or Abad where if you are luck you can visit the Monasterio
      Eating I would suggest you try La Moncloa de San Lázaro, in Cacabelos.
      When planning this trip that some establishments charge for a tasting/tour, some close Mondays and some only cater for larger groups. Hopefully you can join those larger groups.

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        Many thanks, Lugosur. We have not decided where to stay yet and when I said Ourense I meant the province and general area. If we decide to stay on the Monforte side (which I realize might be in Lugo province), do you have bodega and restaurant recommendations?

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          I would look at the suggestion above, if you are in Monforte.
          There is a wine museum in Monforte de Lemos. The bar next door is not so good for food.