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Grocery Outlet August, 2014

Stocked up on some pantry items:

33 cents/box of six, Swiss Miss dark chocolate hot chocolate mix (in the "last chance" shelves in the far corner near the bread)

$1.49 Knorr stock concentrate (both beef and chicken)

50 cents, cantaloupe

$2.50 Taylor salad "kits" (regularly $2.99 at GO) -- I'm lazy about making salad, so these are handy -- be sure to check the dates, since they can vary as much as a week on the same shelf

99 cents/12 oz Ekert "Angus beef smoked sausage" (use by was yesterday)

Still lots of Chuao bars @ $2.99: Panko, Anise, Maya, Firecracker and Honeycomb

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  1. Berkeleyside is picking up the story that the Berkeley GO will be replaced by apartments.


    And apparently, the whole chain is being sold as well.

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    1. re: ernie in berkeley

      Yes, it does look like the whole business is up for sale. I believe a good number of their stores are operated by independent owners.


      1. re: ernie in berkeley

        Yes, I was talking to someone who works there. She hopes to move to the Oakland store, but isn't sure she'll be able to.

        Seems like the store hasn't even been there that long. 10 years?

        1. re: Glencora

          The Berkeleyside story says they've been there since 1992.

        2. Sorry. I was at the Oakland store.

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          1. If Grocery Outlet is sold WinCo is an alternative. Unfortunately the closest one is in Pittsburgh CA.

            They also pay and treat their employees well like CostCo does.

            1. At the SF Geary St store they were selling little tubs of sea salt President butter for $2. Delish.

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              1. re: walker

                They had this at the Redwood City store, too. On Thursday, 8/7.

              2. Oakland had the President butter Monday. Also a small amount of the Lamb Chopper (aka "sheep on a cycle") cheese. Evergood bockwurst and bangers for $3.99.

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                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  Oakland yesterday:
                  Cascadian Farm Organic Honey Nut O's 9.5oz $0.99
                  Helios Pico's de Crema de Frutas Fruit preserve wheels in strawberry and peach 6 oz 8 wedges to a wheel $0.99.
                  Food Should Taste Good tomato and basil brown rice crackers 4.25oz $0.99

                2. A few cool things at the South San Francisco store as of 8/12/14:

                  479 Degrees Popcorn in Black Truffle/White Cheddar flavor - $1.50 for 1.5 oz

                  Swanson Unsalted Cooking Stock in Chicken, Beef - $1.50 for 26 oz

                  Cascadian Farm Organic Granola cereal in Maple Brown Sugar, French Vanilla Almond, Dark chocolate Almond - $0.99 for 15 oz box (Expires in November - I bought one of each!)

                  Straus Family Creamery Organic Nonfat Greek Yogurt in Plain - $2.99~ for 32 oz (Not entirely sure on price, but definitely under $5)

                  Wyder's Pear Cider - $2.79 for 22 oz

                  Ace Hard Joker Cider - $3.29 for 22 oz

                  Ace Hard Pineapple Cider - $3.29 for 22 oz

                  Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA - $4.99 for 22 oz

                  Integrity Farms Organic Frozen Vegetables in California Blend, Broccoli, Green Beans, or Edamame - $2.99 for about 28 oz a bag

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                  1. re: breadwinner

                    I bought the 479 Degrees truffle popcorn at the Berkeley store last month and really liked it!

                  2. Concord Go today
                    Breyers "natural" vanilla 1 gallon tub $3.99
                    MaraNatha roasted sesame tahini creamy with salt 16 oz $1.99
                    Sabra Hummus (spicy, red pepper, pine nuts, garlic flavors) 17 oz $0.99 exp 8/18

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                    1. re: mmag

                      I bought 2 jars of the Maranatha tahini at the Geary branch, thinking that at $1.99 it's a bargain, even if it's not the greatest tahini.

                      Big mistake. Bitter tasting and the worst tahini I think I've ever had.

                      1. re: davidg1

                        If you saved your receipt, GO's policy is to take anything unsatisfactory back for refund. I've never gotten any pushback for returns at any store though I've not been to the Geary branch yet.

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        Thank you; I love their President salted (and sea salt one) French butter. Do you have any idea how long frozen butter will keep?

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                      2. This thread is technically obsolete, but I bought it in August, so...

                        If there are any other backpackers here, GO on Geary had Libby's spiced ground beef (think "taco filling") in foil pouches for something like a dollar apiece. This is a product perfect for backpacking (I'm not sure I'd buy it otherwise). I combined it with (instant) mashed potatoes and (freeze-dried) corn, and it was a big hit. Or you could combine it with some tube tomato paste and freeze-dried black beans to make a pretty decent backpacker chili.

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                        1. re: TVHilton

                          And everything tastes better after hiking a while. Sounds great!

                          1. re: TVHilton

                            sounds like it would be good for the earthquake emergency kit...

                            1. re: TVHilton

                              Geary store still has lots of these. They all seem to have the same Best By date: April 29, 2015. I feel comfortable stretching that through next summer (YMMV), so I picked up a couple for next year's backpacking season.