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Aug 3, 2014 07:30 PM


Looking for a Pastrami Dip sandwich in SD, closer to East County best. Want a gluttonous overstuffed sammie, think of LA's "The Hat", if you are familiar. Not a Langer's or Jewish Deli style. Great Chili Fries an extra bonus. I hope this is an attainable goal? TIA

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  1. Closest I've found to The Hat is the pastrami sub at Giorginos.

    1. Really, no Greek style fast food/diner places in E. County? We have hundreds of "Tom's", "Jim's", "Top's", "Top's Jr.'s" up North a bit. Seemingly formulaic burger and sandwich joints often frequented by cops.

      So where does one go for the best Chili Fries? I know y'all could chime in about the best Carne Asada Fries, these must be available.

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      1. re: DWB

        What has pastrami dip sandwich to do with Greek restaurants ?

        1. re: honkman

          "Greek style fast food/diner places" is really hard to translate to "Greek Restaurant". And then I further described it, with examples.

          And what it has to do with "Pastrami Dip Sandwiches" is that each of the places I used as examples, has "The Hat" style pastrami dip sandwiches as part of their very similar (formulaic) menus.

          Perhaps you could call them "Greek owned Burger joints", though many do serve Gyros, they are primarily not serving Greek fare.

          1. re: DWB

            Gus's Subs and Pizza has a location in La Mesa on Baltimore. Closer to SD proper is The Market Deli on the corner of 5th and Maple.

        2. re: DWB

          Not really. Our East County places trend more towards Iraqi owned and operated Middle Eastern joints.

        3. Tho' I don't eat meat, this food truck, New York on Rye, looks like they are cranking out some good pastrami.

          Maybe they'll have a kick ass tofu like pastrami product that I can inhale on marble rye, sauerkraut and tons of grainy mustard.

          Hold on...I'm putting on my flame retardant gear on from the spears of the non-grass fed meat lovers unionized militia.

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            I'm going to the food truck fest at the Del Mar track next Saturday. I checked and New York on Rye will be there and I will have to give them a try. Their pastrami is probably more "deli" style than what the OP was looking for. Never been to the Hat, but I have had way too many Johnnie's pastramis up in Culver City than I really care to remember. What the OP is looking for is a much thinner cut than the deli style.

            1. re: littlestevie

              When i tried it, NY on Rye was thin cut. I asked them about having it thicker and they said that they didn't have room the truck to do both.

              This was over a year ago though.

          2. OP here, thanks all for the thought. I used the Y site and found "Greek Style Chicken" in El Cajon. Sounds like they have the sandwich, but no chili for the fries! I know there are more places like it, so I will continue searching.

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              Greek Style Chicken has pastrami sandwiches on rolls, but not dipped like The Hat or Tops. It's just sliced pastrami, grilled and served warm on the toasted roll. Good, but not quite the same