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Aug 3, 2014 06:04 PM

Michy's and Miami Spice this year?

I couldn't find any mention of Michy's participation in Miami Spice this year. It's one of our standbys when we visit Miami in the Summer. We love trying places that we otherwise couldn't afford at other times of the year. If Michy's is a "no go", any other suggestions for high end places that serve delicious food, and have a good MS menu?

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  1. Michy's is closed with the promise of a new name and concept opening in the Fall in the same space.

    1. I haven't reviewed any of the menus this year. But I know J&G Grill & Bourbon Steak have spice menus that are on par with their excellent cuisine. Macchialina and Pubbelly do great jobs with it too.

      1. I believe Michy's closed recently. Try Michael's Genuine if they participate.

        1. The Dutch has always done a good job with spice. They change spice menu in September too so you can do it twice. Scarpetta might also be a good choice.

          1. So SAD! I'll miss the polenta, the short ribs, the tiraditos. Thanks for the other MS advice. I'm also looking into some new "splurges" I haven't been to, but have read good things about on this board (actually one of "Chowfather's" posts) The ones with the most interesting "spice" menus were: Bazaar, Bourbon Steak, and Cypress. Red: The Steakhouse also looked good. I'm going with my sister who sadly abhors seafood.

            Any thoughts? I'm staying away from Italian because I'm going to Italy in the fall.