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Aug 3, 2014 05:12 PM

Iphone issue with heart button

Although I am not a fan of the icon (couldn't it be a thumbs up emoji or something??) on my iphone it is almost impossible to tap on.
Tapping directly on the heart creates a grey highlight above it, like it senses i am tapping higher. This has happened since the change over that tapping directly on the icon it is not accurately registered.

I have no issues on other websites or in general withe the accuracey of where i tap which makes me think its a chowhound mobile issue.....

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  1. I am on iPhone and I just tapped on the heart button for the first time to test it. It quickly registered 1. Then I "unhearted" myself and it went back to zero . Thank god.

    1. I've had the same/similar problem. Upon further evaluation of the problem I have determined I just have a fat thumb.