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Breakfast near Hyatt at olive 8

Coming to Seattle next week, staying at Hyatt at Olive 8 Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Anyplace to get a real breakfast near there? (Found lots of bakery recs on the board). Thanks

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  1. Lola is close, does a great breakfast. You're close to 13 Coins if you want a more old-school breakfast.

    1. Blueacre does a nice weekend brunch: http://blueacreseafood.com/Menus.html

      Or hop aboard the monorail and have "Breakfast Happy Hour" at Toulouse Petit: http://toulousepetit.com/

      On the weekends, you can enjoy a very nice breakfast or brunch in the Pike Place Market at Cafe Campagne: http://cafecampagne.com/menu

      And I agree with Brunhilde that Lola is a solid breakfast option.

      1. I haven't been for brunch but the restaurant at Olive 8 (Urbane) was surprisingly good for dinner the couple of times I've been.

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            Chicken fried steak at Five Point is delicious. If I'm remembering correctly their bloody mary's weren't bad either.

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              On a recent trip to get breakfast at the 5 Point, they told me that their waffle iron had been retired, but I could get my fried chicken with french toast. It was awesome.

            2. Greasy spoon breakfast is good at The Shanty.

              1. The Toulouse Breakfast Happy Hour is only good Monday thru Friday.

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                  Right, but the OP will have a Monday breakfast to fill, and even on the weekend without the minor "happy hour" discounts, TP is a good place to begin the day, and can easily be combined with a visit to the attractions at Seattle Center.

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                    As a solo diner the day I went to Toulouse Petite for breaky, I appreciated that you can order a single piece of French toast. V. cool.

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                      I like TP too and like Greyelf, appreciate the ability to order small if my appetite is not in "starved" mode. 13 Coins offers one Egg Bennie rather than two as well. A good cup of joe, an Egg Bennie and a New York Times or WSJ and I'm happy!

                  2. Loulay is reasonably near and doing a nice breakfast as well.

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                        Have a great visit, and give us your impressions of wherever you end up going, when convenient.