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Aug 3, 2014 05:10 PM

Breakfast near Hyatt at olive 8

Coming to Seattle next week, staying at Hyatt at Olive 8 Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Anyplace to get a real breakfast near there? (Found lots of bakery recs on the board). Thanks

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  1. Lola is close, does a great breakfast. You're close to 13 Coins if you want a more old-school breakfast.

    1. Blueacre does a nice weekend brunch:

      Or hop aboard the monorail and have "Breakfast Happy Hour" at Toulouse Petit:

      On the weekends, you can enjoy a very nice breakfast or brunch in the Pike Place Market at Cafe Campagne:

      And I agree with Brunhilde that Lola is a solid breakfast option.

      1. I haven't been for brunch but the restaurant at Olive 8 (Urbane) was surprisingly good for dinner the couple of times I've been.

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            Chicken fried steak at Five Point is delicious. If I'm remembering correctly their bloody mary's weren't bad either.

            1. re: kaleokahu

              On a recent trip to get breakfast at the 5 Point, they told me that their waffle iron had been retired, but I could get my fried chicken with french toast. It was awesome.

            2. Greasy spoon breakfast is good at The Shanty.