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Aug 3, 2014 04:00 PM

baccaro or pane e vino for dinner with parents

My father and his girlfriend (a real foodie) are driving up from New York City to visit us for a few days, Monday through Thursday. Our plan is to take them to Chez Pascal on Monday evening, perhaps Gracies on Tuesday, and then either Baccaro or Pane e Vino on Wednesday. I should mention he is a robust 90 years old, but noisy environments, other than his grandchildren, are tough with his hearing starting to fail. Which of the Italian restaurants would be best?

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  1. Bacaro is a better, but more expensive and slightly louder restaurant. The Italian "tapas" thing is a little kitsch, but they buy good product and cook their pasta well. I like Pan E Vino (they are probably the best place on the hill), but while their food is generally well seasoned, it is also kinda of dated in a "let's just put some balsamic reduction on it" way.

    1. I'd say Bacaro. I find it's quieter if you request a table downstairs and eat on the relatively early side (somewhere between 6 and 7). Pane e Vino is fine, just not very exciting, especially if you've got a foodie in your midst who has access to NYC dining.

      1. A third for Bacaro! If you go early it isn't too loud. Also with the tapas style appetisers you can get smaller meals. But make sure you order the tart of the day with your meal as it takes 20 min, well worth the wait but if you order with your meals they will time it just right

          1. I wanted to report back on our dinner at Bacaro. Now I remember why it is not at the top of my list. It was very loud upstairs, although it was not full (downstairs had a large party dominating the tables. There seemed to be one overworked but nice waiter, and quite a few busboy/servers who were clueless. None of our appetizers came out together. The salad, the soup and the third appetizer were all quite good. The cioppino was rated OK. My father and I shared an assortment of italian tapas, which were quite pleasant, but not outstanding. While the view was lovely, the noise and service detracted from the experience. Overall, it paled in comparison to Chez Pascal or Gracies. I think next time we want Italian, we will either go to Pane e Vino or Cafe Itri (for a real Rhode Island Italian experience!).