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Aug 3, 2014 03:27 PM

Is this pitting?

So I bought Calphalon Tri-Ply 13 piece set last night to replace some anodized ones.. first set of stainless I've ever used and I'm a beginner cook. I spent an hour last night taking em out of the box and cleaning them, this morning I wake up and make some soft boiled eggs and I'm left with these spots. It's literally all I did, did not add salt which appears the cause the pitting but to me that's what it looks like. I waited for the pan to cool before cleaning... I also have a ring around the pan where the water was that I can't get off... I'll admit that I haven't used a scrubber/bar keepers friend because I only have heavy duty sponges which would likely scratch the surface. So all I used to try and clean the spots and ring off was a wet paper towel with dish soap.

Any suggestions? I'm ordering BKF now from Amazon and some cleaning pads, hoping that takes these spots off... Hope I don't get this result in all of my pots and pans, I'd be pretty disappointed :/ especially since I just boiled water and cooked eggs with the shell still on...

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  1. Trying to get my phone to upload the pictures.

    1. I love Bkf and thinking this will do the trick with a soft sponge. It's amazing what this stuff can do to old pots and pans. You may be able to find it at your grocery store or local hardware store.

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        I've looked, can't find it! if you are thinking that will do the trick then I assume you don't believe that is pitting from the pictures?

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          I don't think what you have there is pitting. From my experience, pitting shows up as tiny white dots as a result of using salt before your liquid comes to a boil. Try the BKF and I bet you'll be fine.

      2. I have the same thing on a spatula, it isn't pitting to my knowledge.

        1. It's not pitting.

          Your new stainless cookware is pretty and shiny, I know, but it is a tool. Don't freak out - cook, scrub. If you are doing things right it will scratch, it is supposed to. It will develop a patina of use that says you cook with it, this will not impact its performance and actually enhance its looks. I would be suspicious of anyone with a batterie of perfectly shiny out of the box looking pans.

          1. It is just some small marks -- definitely not pitting. Bar Keeper Friend will take care of it in no time. You won't even need a scrubber. A soft brush or sponge will do.

            You can also try using white vinegar. White vinegar is not nearly as effective, but sometime it works.

            On the other hand, I agree with JTPhilly. You will get these kind of stains very often. You may not want to use Bar Keeper Friends all time. It just get old. At some points, you may decide/learn to live with these minor stains.