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Aug 3, 2014 02:57 PM

Recent Mont-Tremblant Recs?

I'm traveling to Mont-Tremblant with two children who are adventurous eaters. I have been to Tremblant several times, so know that the food on the mountain is expensive and tends to be mediocre. I'm familiar with St-Jovite, and love Cheval de Jade, but that's too fancy for the kids. I see that most of the Tremblant posts are pretty old, so I'm looking for some updates. What restaurants are good, worth the price, and will be happy to serve a 10 year old and and 11 year old who are looking forward to their first trip to Canada? (I see that someone recently responded to a post about Quidi Vidi in Ste.-Adele, which closed over 40 years ago. I went there on my first trip to the Laurentians when I was 10 years old, and I still remember thinking that it was more exotic than anything I had seen on my native Long Island. That's the kind of memory that I'd like to give the kids).

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  1. On your way up to Tremblant you could stop in Val David and visit Le Petit Poucet Restaurant. Poucet is a original Quebecois restaurant with items like French Canadian pea soup loaded with there in house smoked ham, great breakfasts, super ham dishes and nice maple sugar pies. With a takeout that sells you all of their products ready to go.If you go on a Saturday about a quarter mile away is the Val David farmers market one of the best in Quebec. If you want a little fancier tand very innovative Les Zebres across from the Farmers Market is a top laurentian restaurant specializing in fresh daily local products. He names his suppliers on the menu e.g. Tony's shitake mushrooms.
    Closer to Tremblant is nowhere land.