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Aug 3, 2014 02:10 PM

Carry out/Deli choices in London


Preparing for a trip to London in September. I've been through all the posts I can find and now have a nice list of places go to but since we're renting an apartment with kitchen, one area that's been lacking is any suggestions for places to get good carryout? I'm sure some nights we'll just want to collapse for the evening. We will be based in the Sloane Square area, but don't feel confined to that.

Also, what's a good place to get a pizza that represents London? I always like to try the "indigenous" pizza wherever I travel. (Sweden is the most unusual winner so far.)

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  1. Oliveto on Elizabeth Street is not far at all from Sloane Square. They serve a pretty good pizza.

    For takeout, I would certainly stop in a Tesco Fresh & Easy shop and see if there is anything on offer that appeals to you.

    By the way, I am not sure there is an "indigenous" style of London pizza.

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      Also note there are several Whole Foods Markets in London. In central London, there is one in Kensington and one near Piccadilly. They will certainly have prepared foods available.

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        Maybe I should have said not trying to be an "authentic" Italian pizza. :)

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          Jamie Oliver came out with a "flat bread" which he christened the british pizza - he had a chain of restaurants (Union Jack's) around the theme - they didn't last long...! (maybe one left). I also saw Jason Atherton does british flat breads in his new Hong Kong place (we didn't like it). Does he do similar ones in any of his London "Social's"...?

          The best pizza that represents the UK though is probably "Tandoori Chicken Pizza" - generally found in the worst chain pizza places so keep your eyes open.

          For carryout the tradition is a take-away curry from your local curry house (one on every high street). But Sloan Square is pretty upmarket so it maybe tricky to find (Haandi isn't far in Knightsbridge).

          The other option is the ready made made meals from a supermarket, on the Kings Road you will find a big Waitrose which is an up-market UK supermarket - their ready meals are very good, Marks & Spencer Food Halls are also good, both do a whole variety of heat and serve foods covering lots of cuisines. Waitrose is also probably your closest supermarket for basics etc. They do a good range of reliable British artisan foods as well, sausages, cheese etc.

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            One very good option for take-away food is The Grocer on Kings Rd. (or their location in Notting Hill, the Elgin Grocer). They actually have very good pizza as well, though it is of the pre-made sitting out all day variety. Quite far down Kings Rd from Sloane Sq, maybe 12 minute walk?

            Partridges is the devil materialized into shop form.

            Al Dar v. good shwarma sandwiches, one of best in London (in my limited to Ranoush/Maroush opinion).

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          Tesco doesn't call any of their shops "fresh and easy" in the UK. It was their US attempt before they sold them.
          We have Tesco and Tesco Metro, their smaller city offerings. Some of these are now not bad at all, re-branded with a market type feel. On the whole though Marks and Spencer do far better prepared and takeaway food when on the move.
          Good pizza in London includes Homeslice and but in general the UK less refined choices would be Tandoori Chicken, kebab or Peking duck pizza!

        3. I'll second PhilD's suggestion of the supermarket carryout meals. It's one part of living in England that I really enjoy on occasion. I think Marks & Spencer's are among the best and the variety is immense. I even like their 'American' BBQ ribs and they have lower calorie options plus Italian, Chinese etc. I'd skip the Indian and try to get a good carryout as mentioned.

          Whole Foods has lots of good choices, too, and their breads are very nice.

          1. Al Dar is a good and not expensive Lebanese restaurant on Kings Road near Sloane Square. I'm pretty sure they do take-aways. There is also Partridges which will do food to take away. And there is a really fantastic open-air market on Duke of York's Square every Saturday - lots of delicious food from England and all over the world.

            1. Oh well for Pizza you can stroll over to Jak's which has brilliant pizzas. You are also very close to Good Life Eaterie which do carry out. But really you should just get things delivered to you - a good option is Deliveroo who deliver upscale restaurant food to you and both these places I mentioned are on their list.

              1. Also -- Poilane on Cadogan Gardens just near Sloane Square is a lovely place for a tartine, either breakfast or lunch.