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Aug 3, 2014 01:55 PM

Looking for a good-quality, SMALL gas grill

When we traded our old gas grill for a charcoal grill, there were no regrets. We prefer the taste of foods cooked over charcoal, and with a gas starter and briquette chimney, the coals are ready for cooking in 20 minutes. But the reality is, we don't fire up the charcoal grill in winter.

So now I'm thinking that maybe I should shop around for a good quality gas grill to use when charcoal just isn't practical. It's got to have enough BTUs to get really hot, and the quality to hold the heat in for good searing power. I'd also like the burner configuration and cooking surface to enable 2-zone cooking. I don't need a rotisserie or a side burner, and most of the time I'd be using it to cook just for two of us.

Can anyone recommend a gas grill that will suit my needs? Thanks!

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  1. Some six or seven years ago, based on a recommendation on the Internet, I bought a gas grill made by Vermont Castings and then sold at Home Depot. Home Depot no longer carries them. It's a three burner model, and built like a tank. Still going strong, and I suspect it will outlast me. Vermont Castings is most known for their stoves, but I certainly would recommend their gas grills. I probably paid $200 or $300 for the thing, and it was, and is still, worth it. I'm sure that price range is long gone, but the quality of their product isn't.

    You might want to take a look at their offerings.

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      Thanks! I see there are a few places in my area that carry their grills.

    2. How small? I have a Weber Q series. It's fast, gets really hot, but only has one burner. I think there's a Q that's slightly larger (still small) with two burners, though.
      Check here:

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        +1 on the Weber. A pal of mine has the Q100 which is excellent. He can cook up two beef tenderloins on it which then slice up for ten people. Works off a normal bottle or a small canister for picnics or the beach.

        The current equivalent model is the Q1000.

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          I'd need at least two burners. I looked at the Q 3200 with 2 burners, but I'd be concerned that the BTU output wasn't sufficient. I do like Weber products, though, and will probably look into one of their larger models.