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Aug 3, 2014 01:05 PM

Avenue Italy Trattoria - West LA

We loved the restaurant the moment we walked throught the door. Classic, elegant Mediterranean decor. What really caught my ear was the music - Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, class. First impressions count for something. We were not let down by the outstanding, warm reception we received - the service was perfecto - the food was the same - not to mention - great wine. We will return, accompanied by friends, soon.

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  1. This place must be in that complex on the N/W corner of Sawtelle and Olympic. Here is their website:

    What a difference from the useless website of that new bar/restaurant on Westwood -- this has useful information and a menu with prices (which are a touch on the high side unless this is a destination-type place).

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      This is the former Tapenade, tucked somewhat back in the corner of the complex you are referring to.
      I am sure they did nothing to the previous d├ęcor, just instituted a new chef and menu. Ownership is still the same, meaning the owner of the center itself, as it was when it was Tapenade.

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        Unless the food is VERY good, I predict this place will die pretty quickly w/ those kinds of prices in a location that receives virtually no street traffic. The price scheme is... ambitious.

      2. More details please. What food did you eat? What wine did you drink?

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          Caesar salad for two. Linguine Mare BLue - Capellini Alla Checca. Chianti - Tosala - Pinot Grigio Simbali. Canoli for desert.