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Inexpensive party venues

Hi chowhounders!

I'm helping a friend plan her daughter's bat mitzvah (big party for 13 year old and parents combined.) we are looking for a venue in greater boston that could hold about 150- 200 people, and I'd be soooooo thrilled if we could keep the cost under $25,000
Any ideas from you guys, whom I know are the experts would be extremely appreciated!!!
Thanks soo much,

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  1. Try Cuisine en Locale on Highland Ave. in Somerville, MA. It's in the old Anthony's space and they do events and catering, specializing in locally farmed organic ingredients.

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    1. You'll want to call the State House and ask for their list of historic venues for event rental. If you go to a hotel, they take care of everyhing, but if you just rent an event space, you'll need to bring in caterer,table and chairs, china etc.; florist, music etc. I don't know current rental rates, but for lower cost venues,look into:
      Camb. Multicultural Center
      Museum of Industry in Waltham
      Brooksby Farm, Peabody

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        In 2014, most people use the internet rather than call the State House.


        Additional research also can be conducted online. At the end of the day, though, I'm not sure this is going to be the OP's cheapest option.

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          Excellent info, I greatly appreciate it... Thanks!

        2. I recently threw a party for 300 at an Elks club. The room was HUGE and really nice and it was in the $200-300 range for 6 hours.. AND that included all tables/chairs AND bartenders for a cash bar.. (they make most of their money on the booze but drinks were still cheaper than restaurants/clubs. Saves a ton of money that way as you dont have to buy lots of bottles of booze that dont get finished.

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            Thanks sooo much, I Really appreciate all those great tips!!

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                The one i used was in leominster which isnt in the OP area but Elks and similar halls are all over the place.

            1. Places like Spinelli's on Route 1 or Montvale Plaza on Montvale Ave in Stoneham are an all in one function spaces large enough for 200 people and where you can most likely get the entire food/hall for well under 25K. There are also places you can rent, such at 2 Seaport Lane (2 level lobby area very pretty and unusual for an event) where you may be able to get it also for well under 25K. What area of Greater Boston are you looking at? Check out a few catering websites and see what venue's they cater at and go from there.

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              1. Elk's Function hall- Lawrence is very reasonable and they have different sized rooms.

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                1. My bro and sis-in-law held my nephew's bar mitzvah party at the Arlington Town Hall. I don't know the details (i.e., where they found the caterer and DJ), but I'm pretty confident the all-in price was reasonable.


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                  1. op, do you have a particular area in mind? it's not always a money-saver simply renting a space, because you are still left with renting everything from flatware to linens, plus dealing with finding a caterer.

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                      True , I'm finding that out... Great advice. Thank you:)

                    2. Also, what does the Bat Mitzvah girl have in mind for her celebration? She may have very specific ideas about what she wants. This is a big deal in her life - she is celebrating a rite of passage towards adulthood, and this is a party for her (within reason). When the parents make it about them, things tend to get conflicted.

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                        Thank you Molly, great words of wisdom!!!
                        I remember my mom was really awesome about letting me plan my own bat mitzvah and my friends were soo jealous, because their mom's were making theirs all about them! Just like you describe!!! We are absolutely doing this hand in hand with her daughter. It's all about rainbows and jellybeans :)