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Aug 3, 2014 11:19 AM

First time in Venice- rec for light dinner on arrival?

We will be arriving at our hotel around 6:30/7 PM, tired, from Minneapolis. We'll be at Locanda Vivaldi, close to St. Marks Square (I know, extremely touristy, but that's where we chose to stay). Any suggestions/ideas of good places to eat that won't be too far of a walk? We'd be up for anything from a bacaro to trattoria.

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  1. Nothing wrong with staying around San Marco; there is something to be said for the Piazza since millions of visitors stay nearby. If your locanda is on the Riva degli Schiavoni, Osteria Oliva Nera is nearby on Salizada dei Greci. A little north is Vicio Canton with pretty good pizza and antipasti; haven't tried anything else from their menu. Further from your locanda, right behind the Piazza on Cp San Filippo e Giacomo is the very popular Aciugheta. On one of the most touristy calle, it is always open and does a good job with a large menu of cicchetti, pizza, antipasti, primi, etc. The same family own the often recommended Il Ridotto. One the same calle is Cavatappi, a small excellent bacaro; it might close by 9pm. Behind the opposite side of the Piazza is one of the best restaurant in Venice, Osteria San Marco. It has a front bar that serves cicchetti which is more what you are looking for. Further north is Al Mascaron and it's sister enoteca, Al Mascareta. Not much else to recommend nearby. The day of the week you arrive is important since most close one or two days a week.

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      Great suggestions, thank you! That night will be a Saturday.
      I assume it will be a bit harder to find something on Sunday due to restaurants being closed but at least we'll be a little fresher (I hope).

    2. Cavatappi would be perfect.