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Aug 3, 2014 09:46 AM

Ready to buy and induction range

Moving into a new house and want to ditch the electric range and go induction. Any information on what brand/model you have and if you're happy with it. Thanks so much for your advice.

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  1. I've had a GE Profile PHS925STSS for about 2 - 1/2 years now and am really in love with it. Super responsive, great range of heats from super low to super high, and a very large oven - I actually roasted two (OK, not terribly large) turkeys at the same time in it once! There's a lot of discussion about it and other induction ranges here:

    One caveat: make sure your existing range has a dedicated 50 Amp circuit or you may need to upgrade it.

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      Only a few induction ranges require a 50 Amp 208/240v circuit. Most induction ranges only require 40 Amp, which has been the standard kitchen 208/240v circuit for electric stoves for decades. Of course, a new house might very well have a 50 Amp.

      If you want to look into a separate induction cooktop and oven(s), then you'll need a different set up.

    2. Thanks for the info and link to the other posts.

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        Most of the reports here for ranges have been about (IIRC) GE's slide-in and freestanding models (former models PHS925 and PHB925, current models PHS920 and PHB920), Electrolux slide-in (EW30IS6CJS) and Samsung's freestanding ranges (former FTQ307, current models NE595NOBSR and NE597NOPBSR). Generally very favorable.

        Also, have you checked out the gardenweb appliances site? Dozens of first hand reports on and discussions of induction cooktops and ranges of various makes and models going back years. Recent discussions have covered the above models plus the Whirlpool double-oven induction range, the Frigidaire/Kenmore freestanding range, the Electrolux freestanding, and the new Bosch Benchmark induction slide-in. Here's a link to the site if you do not have it:

        If you haven't been there before, the gardenweb search engine can be erratic. Best to go out to google, bing, etc. and try a search string like this "gardenweb + induction + range." Also click on the "more results" link under the first search results.

        You can do the same thing here at chowhound, too.

      2. I have a Bosch cooktop, the 500. I love it, as I have frequently posted. I'd research features and price points to come up with a couple of good candidates, and then ask about them specifically.

        I did a lot of looking online, and in person, before deciding on the Bosch. Be sure to research local dealers as well.

        The features of the various brands are the major factor I think. It seems that most of the newer induction products work quite well.

        1. I've got the GE Profile slide-in and really like it's operation. controls are all on the front panel and very straightforward. I've only owned it for 6 months, but like it just fine.

          The hobs generally allow me to cheat the pan just a little, using a smaller pan than called for, especially if it's got a lot of magnetic steel in it. I can use my round-bottom wok on one of the middle size hobs with no problem at all. There's only a ½" spot contacting the cooktop, but with enough steel very close to the cooktop to make it all work. I used an upside down wok ring to keep it stable.

          The oven is particularly well insulated, it seems. My hot Tampa kitchen only gains a little heat when it's running, even after an hour at 550ºF when I've been cooking pizza.

          My cooktop recently cracked from thermal shock, likely from moving a hot pan to a cold spot But that's pure speculation because neither of us saw or heard it happen. It was replaced under full warranty within a week, no hassles.

          Don't be put off GE by the cracking cooktop, there are only 1-2 glass cooktop makers out there. Odds are pretty good that most of them are made by the same company.