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Aug 3, 2014 09:05 AM

Syrenka diner for polish food sat lunch-does anyone recommend it?are there any alternatives

I only make it up to philly once a year from miami and i like to take my sister out to a new place we haven't been to lunch on a saturday.Haven't been to syrenka's restaurant in port richmond or to czerw's polish keibasa,and i miss polish food.Does czerw's have sit down eating available on site,or is it just a take away butcher site?Is there any restaurant nearby that serves thleir products?I read about syrenka's restaurant nearby.Does anyone reommend it?Which peirogies there do you thnk are best?What are the best dishes there?Which sausages at czerw's are best?Will syrenka's be packed at noontime sat?Do they take reservations?Is parking difficult near both establishments?At the moment ,i am planning on maximizing my polish experience in phily by buying sausages and pierogies at czerw's ,then eating at syrenka's.Please feel free to tell me other places that serve polish food on sat .i will be in philly sat aug 16.Thank everyone in advance for their participation.

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  1. Krakus Market across the street from Syrenka also has a sit down area.

    This ia luncheonette. No reservations eat at the counter. The hand made pierogis are a do not miss. I personally love the sauerkraut pierogies (I prefer alternatives to anything with potato in them).

    A third alternative for Polis food is New Wave Cafe further down on Alleghany. Hand made food, serves Polish beer. Two different types of borscht on the menu, good pierogies though not as many as you will find at Syrenkas.

    Here is an old write up on New Wave Cafe

    1. +1 on New Wave Cafe. The decor is wildly incongruous with the food, which makes the experience slightly disorienting, but the food is very good. Around that stretch of Allegheny, you can also find a couple of Polish bakeries that are worth visiting.

      Czerw's is just a shop, with no dining onsite. Bring your cooler to load up on kielbasa and don't be surprised when your car smells like sausages for a week afterward :-)

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        OMG, Czerw's fresh kielbasa has our car reeking for weeks!

      2. Syrenka's has always been fairly empty when I've been there. Be warned, it is very small and dingy. You just order at the counter and then sit at one of the few formica-topped tables. The food is good. The little cafe inside Krakus Market is slightly nicer. New Wave is probably the best in that area.

        It's probably too far out of the way, but there is a little restaurant in Elkins Park called Alexander's Cafe that serves very good Polish Food.