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Florence & Rome in September

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My wife and I will be in Florence for a week and Rome for a week in Late September of this year, Looking for 'Foodie' places to eat in both cities. Thanks.

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  1. Have you read through the many existing threads on both cities to get some ideas and narrow your focus? For example:


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      Doing that now... Thanks. Kinda knew to this, but getting hang of it.

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        You can also use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page. There are a TON of past threads on dining in both these cities.

    2. Here's the reports I posted on here from our trip to Rome and Florence almost 4 years ago. I know that's getting old, but things don't generally change very quickly over there:


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        actually things in Rome do change pretty quickly. Some of the restaurants from 4 years ago do not exist anymore, others are not like they used to be. Stick mainly with reports and discussions from the last year.

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          Thanks for this. I'm not the original poster, but while I understand that regular posters get upset at the "What's the best place..." posts (on every board), as a poster, it's frustrating to actually use the Search function and find roundups from several years ago. While those roundups might be verrrry comprehensive, as posters, we're wondering--are those places still open? Any gems that have opened in the past two years? (I live in New York, and there are gems opening up all the time...)

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            The search function can be customized by date.