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Aug 3, 2014 09:05 AM

Florence & Rome in September

My wife and I will be in Florence for a week and Rome for a week in Late September of this year, Looking for 'Foodie' places to eat in both cities. Thanks.

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  1. Have you read through the many existing threads on both cities to get some ideas and narrow your focus? For example:

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Doing that now... Thanks. Kinda knew to this, but getting hang of it.

      1. re: seal2224

        You can also use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page. There are a TON of past threads on dining in both these cities.

    2. Here's the reports I posted on here from our trip to Rome and Florence almost 4 years ago. I know that's getting old, but things don't generally change very quickly over there:

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        actually things in Rome do change pretty quickly. Some of the restaurants from 4 years ago do not exist anymore, others are not like they used to be. Stick mainly with reports and discussions from the last year.

        1. re: vinoroma

          Thanks for this. I'm not the original poster, but while I understand that regular posters get upset at the "What's the best place..." posts (on every board), as a poster, it's frustrating to actually use the Search function and find roundups from several years ago. While those roundups might be verrrry comprehensive, as posters, we're wondering--are those places still open? Any gems that have opened in the past two years? (I live in New York, and there are gems opening up all the time...)

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            The search function can be customized by date.

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              @Jan Brody, I would really have to say it depends. Neither of these destinations can in any way be compared to NY in terms of the pace of change, buzz factor, diversity of cuisines, etc. The italian food scene is much more traditional than NYC and the same good names come up over and over again (with some important additions and deletions but again not nearly as fast as NY, LA etc).

              "Best" is subjective but assuming that a foreign tourist is more interested in experiencing italian food culture it makes sense to recommend the baseline places. They may be the "best" places from a touristic standpoint since they will provide very good samples of the traditional cooking in very pleasing, welcoming environments.

              Some of the newer places, that riff on the traditional dishes are more relevant if the traveller can has actually tasted the traditional dishes and can appreciate the skill with which, say a stew has been turned into a meatball. A local like some of the very good posters here is going to appreciate this more than newcomer to the local scene.

              Some places cook in a mediterranean or international rather than the local style.

              But a list of "best" is going to be subjective and until the traveller says what type of cooking they are interested in - lets say very good local cooking at a reasonable price, the most creative cooking in town, buzzier or younger places,michelin star dining, a wine oriented meal or places to eat with a cautious non-foodie aunt with a hearing problem, and maybe do a bit of review of prior threads, they are unlikely to get the perfect response.

              A little research in recent threads and use of search (especially if there are specific criteria can really help a poster to get more targetted advice.

              1. re: janbrady

                Actually, if you correlate the names with a Google search, you can usually find out if they are still around.

                And to's a frustrating suggestion, since I can't remember the name, but it's a long walk north from the Coliseum to a little coffee shoppe where they make the most magical creations in coffee cream. I'll try and see if I can find it.

                Also, we did the "Jazz-tram" one night in Rome. Actually lots of fun, live music, and dinner parked in front of the coliseum! And you get to see a few out of the normal neighborhoods of Rome. Reservations are a Must! Food varies depending on the restaurant catering but pretty darn good considering your mobile. You need a cab both ways.....getting one at the end is not usually a problem.

                1. re: FriedClamFanatic

                  Jazz tram sounds excellent! Love music as much as food! (Almost). Thx

                2. re: janbrady

                  ps here are some offsite resources to get some ideas about the current local faves, mostly Rome centric but some with national scope, and many needing the help of google translate or similar.


                  Its great when some of the Romans posting here, or recent visitors comment on the newer gems.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    Jen, you might add I have an annotated list free for download.

                    1. re: mbfant

                      ha, I figured your list is the classics while the others will provide more of the buzzy/new dimension sought by some. I see too you have updated!

                      you are right

                      1. re: jen kalb

                        I have nothing against new restaurants that do it right. Quite the reverse. I don't even mind buzzy as long as I can hear myself think and converse with my dining companion. The trouble is I have found so many restaurants, new and old, not worth leaving the house for, or at least not worth abandoning the old favorites. And many of the places on the buzzy lists are in fact very old style, but I don't happen to think they are very good.

                        I just don't go looking for craft beer and designer pizza. I update my list whenever I have something new to say.

                        1. re: mbfant

                          Jen, Maureen, Vinoroma, others, curious what you think of Nick Anderer's list...


                          Nick is the chef at Maialino in NYC and while meeting him at a Bonci/Parla event (and Marta the other day) we briefly discussed his picks while I was embarrassed in a way to say that I saw it before but havent followed any of it.

                          For my last trip I used TheRomeDigest for the most part and got the blisters and great memories to prove it.
                          Thank you Rome Digest people


                          1. re: Ziggy41

                            Glad you liked TRD - watch that space in the coming weeks for exciting news.

                            I agree with only about a quarter of that list - which quarter, i can write in detail later, when at my laptop.

                            How did you like marta? Am in NJ/NYC at the moment and was planning an event there but then they decided too late when they are opening.

                            1. re: vinoroma

                              Marta - So far so good. Its like a cross between Da Remo and Staten Island pizza
                              I'm planning to go back tomorrow for lunch. You welcome to join me if you are free. Would love to thank you personally for the Rome help ;)

                              1. re: Ziggy41

                                Hmmm... Most kind offer! Am spending the day around nyc with Katie actually, were thinking of Russ & Daughters cafe for lunch and going to estela for dinner. Let me check with her. (You can see what we've been up to on ig and/or twitter)

                                1. re: Ziggy41

                                  So we are going to stop by bcs katie wants to say hi to nick - but i can't say at what time! When are you going to be there?

                              2. re: Ziggy41

                                I love Nick, and his cooking, and have had the pleasure of accompanying him and his team on some research meals in Rome and Naples (I do not know where they put it), and I generally agree with his calls. I really can't warm to Roscioli and Pierluigi, however, though I see the attraction for others. We make it to Maialino at least once every trip to New York, often more.

                                1. re: Ziggy41

                                  His list is spot on, expect for a few stragglers.
                                  Antica Pesa is very much a movie star kind of spot these days.
                                  And sadly, Camerino is now closed.
                                  But all the rest are some of my favorites.