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Aug 3, 2014 08:18 AM

What time is best to buy fish from the docks in HMB?

Hi All,

We're wanting to make the drive down to Half Moon Bay from SF, and I'm wondering what time we should target to get down there in order to buy fish off the boats.

I'd love to just go early and spend all day, but unfortunately we have a wee one who needs her nap, so we'd have to choose morning (from 9a-11a) or afternoon (2p-4p). Does this vary weekday vs weekend?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    Thanks to those who chimed in.

    We went down this morning (Sunday) at about 10:30a. There were at least 5 boats selling salmon and other things like lingcod, halibut, and sand dabs.

    The boat we got our fish from had salmon as small as 14 lbs, but we went for a 21 pounder. It was $10/lb for the whole fish and it cost us $12 to get it cut up at the market at the harbor (it would have been $6 if it were under 20 lbs). We ended up with about 14 lbs of filet, so it worked out to about $16.33/lb in the end.

    It was a fun excursion and we'll do it again - now we just need to figure out how to use all this yummy fish!

  2. As sunnyside mentioned, a warm weekend afternoon causes horrible traffic in Half Moon Bay.

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    Don't know about HMB per se, but fishermen tend to go out in the morning and come back in the afternoon, so I would assume afternoon would be best.


    Can't speak for the best time, but the last salmon we got (oh so fat and red and delicious!) was about 25 lbs., and they aren't allowed to cut them up, so be ready to drop between 2 and 3 hundred bucks and make plans to share with friends.


    Not sure about buying the fish but we attempted to head down to HMB around noon last Sunday and abandoned the trip at Linda Mar because of insane traffic, so would not recommend afternoon.