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Aug 3, 2014 06:33 AM

You've Been Slicing Watermelon Wrong All These Years...A New and Easier Way to Eat.....

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  1. Cool! But... I wonder how many tries the fella had to make in order to slice it perfectly for the camera. I can just see the clumsy among us, ahem, slicing a little more than the watermelon.

    1. I like it! If the watermelon"s truly ripe though, meaning it's going to be really juicy, there will need to be a towel under that board.

      You have to wonder how this would work on those monstrous long watermelons.

      1. She (the Yahoo writer) seems to think this is something new. Amazing what impresses poser foodies with a title. What happened to experience?

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        1. re: dave_c

          Well the wheel has to be rediscovered every generation doncha know? ;)

          Maybe instead of telling the world "you've been doing it all wrong" they should instead title these kind of posts "stop me if you've heard this one" or "did you know?"

          1. re: dave_c

            Have you ever sliced watermelon in that manner not having seen the video? Every link can be an interesting learning experience. If one is bored or worse by a link, a delete is only a click away.

            I had never thought of it, but was fascinated. Then decided 1/4 way through it was not as easy as it looked. Nothing ever is.

            1. re: Gio

              There are many variations of the video, but you don't have to slice as many times as shown.

              I guess I'm more surprised that the Yahoo food editor finds this to be new, but I guess mcsheridan really sums it up accurately about every generation. (Wow! My old man attitude is showing!)

          2. My mother does something similar but takes it a step further and cuts the rind out and cuts the whole thing into cubes for easy consumption via fork. Mmm watermelon.

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            1. re: joonjoon

              I remember seeing that in cooking magazines back when; you would cut the long watermelon in half and then again to make a big boat, then cut down through the watermelon to make the cubes and then slice under the rind to free all the cubes.

              1. re: mcsheridan

                Hi mcsheridan,

                I started cutting watermelon 'pops' in the early 90's, after someone else showed me how. I thought then it was a genius way to serve it, especially to messy kids. Still do. At the time, my friends, neighbors and co-workers were damned impressed. We were easily wowed in those days.

                Since moving to Florida, I've been doing what joonjoon's mother does, cubing it for easier storage. We always, quite literally, have a cut-up melon in the fridge from late March through early October most years. We go through 2 a week. I do it almost like slicing an onion, except I cut off both ends at the start. Simple and easy, but not very fast. I sort of stumbled onto this method by accident one day. Tonight I found the destructions for it.

                Like this - - but I halve mine between steps 3 and 4, because we buy larger ones.

                Then, while watching the video seamunky linked, I saw a rec for cubing it. Thinking I'd see the same way I do it (it's got to be the only way, right?), surprise! I've been doing it wrong!

                This is how I'll cut the next one -

                What I want to know is why you've been deliberately keeping this secret from me. Hmmmmm?

                Happy Labor Day,


            2. I prefer this style:


              Although it's amazing that this guy did not slice off a finger. I like the end product but not his dangerous method of carving a watermelon!

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              1. re: seamunky

                Held my breath as he mucked about on that wobbly table, and the bowl didn't help much on the stabilization front!

                1. re: greygarious

                  He introduces each video with "where safety is number one priority" as he puts on safety goggles!