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Aug 3, 2014 06:28 AM

Taleggio, White Plains

Last night we went to Taleggio. Our experience was less than satisfactory. First we ordered drinks. Before the drinks came they wanted to take our dinner order. I ordered gluten free pasta with the bolognaise sauce. Our friends also ordered spaghetti bolognaise. The sauce on my pasta was not a bolognaise sauce it was watery and more like a tomato sauce while my friends bolognaise was the bolognaise. When I complained all they did was try to take my dish and add sauce to it. It became very liquid and was not the bolognaise sauce. I then asked for the manager who said he could make it over but it would take 18 minutes. I said forget it. They brought he dessert menu and one of the menu holders were blank. At the end of the meal the chief gave us dessert and the manager offered a drink. While that was nice it does not make up for the fact they got the order wrong and then tried to doctor it up. In addition my wife has the Chilean Sea Bass which was overpriced and not very good. We will not be going back to this restaurant.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. that place is awful; simply put

      1. It this another iteration of - I can't remember the name of it - the place where Eclisse was?

        1. i've been and had a pretty good experience. a little overpriced though.

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            I agree, I've been twice and both times had a fine experience..."awful" is pretty strong, I wonder why (weedy) feels it is "awful"?

            1. re: Marge

              because I care about food <g>

              1. re: weedy

                Thanks. That's a very helpful response.

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                  DO you really want a detailed review of a place I thought was BAD?
                  You enjoyed it, perhaps your detailed review would be helpful.

                  Except for experiences so bad or unprofessional that I feel it's worth alerting others to avoid, I tend to 'review' places I like rather than dislike.
                  Otherwise, it risks turning this board into a gripe fest.

                  If you really want to know, i found the food at Tallegio to be seriously lacking.
                  Almost like what I'd expect from frozen Italian food from a supermarket. Or, at best, at a wedding.
                  No finesse, no distinction between individual elements in a dish, no sense of freshness or high quality ingredients.
                  Certainly no sense that whoever is cooking has ever been anywhere NEAR Italy, or even a truly fine Italian restaurant in New York.

                  There are far too many good (and some great) Italian options in and around Westchester.

                  I didn't think this one of them.

                  1. re: weedy

                    Detailed reviews of a bad experience can be helpful because they detail *why* the customer thought it bad. It's difficult to get into someone's head and know what will cause them to one-star a restaurant. And maybe a particular experience (a long wait? Food brought out of order? Poorly prepared fish at a steak place?) is the sort of thing another person wouldn't care about enough to downgrade a place.

                    1. re: weedy

                      Thanks for responding. I find it's helpful to get any review, either positive or negative. And it's possible to leave a negative review without sounding it becoming a 'gripe fest'. A lot of people leave one star reviews on Yelp because they had bad service, the manager didn't comp them drinks, etc., while also saying the food was actually quite good. So it's helpful to have somebody who says a restaurant is awful explain why, particularly when the hiccup is caused by execution of the menu.

                      I went recently and yes, I was not wowed by any of the food. None of the dishes we ordered were anything better than 'pretty good'. Burrata was served cold instead of room temp, losing its creamy qualities, brussel sprouts not crispy and overloaded with cranberries, bolognese was solid, vodka sauce was good, chicken parm was just okay. A few other dishes were enjoyable - crab cakes and another chicken dish, but none remarkable. But service was good, restaurant is a nice atmosphere. I wouldn't hurry back, but it wasn't an awful meal, just not a great one.

                      1. re: drew22

                        well, I suppose it depends on one's definition of 'awful'!

                        We go regularly to Little Sorrento; our local red sauce Italian.
                        It's probably half the price of Taleggio, and, for those simple things especially such as chicken parm or caprese salad or penne a la vodka, and so on, it's 10 times as good.

                        So in comparison? and for the prices?
                        I'm standing by 'awful'.