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Aug 3, 2014 06:12 AM

Rare Downtown TO Dinner

My husband and I have found ourselves child-free this week and want to head downtown for dinner. It's been a few years since we've come into the city for an adult dinner and the options are overwhelming.

We will be taking the GO train so I would like a restaurant within a 15-20 min walk of Union Station. I'm not looking for super high-end (Canoe is out) but a mid-range restaurant with mains running around $25. I want good food, good service, a relaxing and enjoyable environment that we can hold a conversation.

I was thinking Drake 150, Starfish, Pai? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Richmond Station. Richmond Station. Richmond Station.

    (Definitely not Drake 150, Starfish only if you're craving oysters and seafood, can't speak to Pai but I think it may be a bit loud)

    Did I mention Richmond Station?

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    1. re: BigBabyYeezuS

      I did check Richmond Station, but our dining options are 5:15 or 8:45. :(

      1. re: RYP

        Call the restaurant directly. Many restaurants are now using Open Table and other res services only for non-prime times and block out all "good" times.

        1. re: Tatai

          Thanks for the tip. I called and got in! Looking forward to our dinner there.