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Aug 3, 2014 05:47 AM

Kouign Amann in MSP

I've done some research, and have found my favourite viennoiserie, kouign amann, and Rustica and Patisserie 46. Black Walnut used to have kouign amann at the NMFM last year, but now that it's located at One on One Bike, it won't be making it (according to Black Walnut's Facebook page, anyway).

Are there any other bakeries in MSP that make kouign amann? I am in desperate need of a fix!

(And if anyone knows if Rustica and Patisserie 46 carry kouign all the time, or just weekends, I'd appreciate the information! I'll give them both a call when I get to MSP, but I like to plan ahead!)

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  1. Parka and Peace Coffee both sell Rustica's version of kouign amann. (They don't always have it usually sell out during the morning.)

    1. If you can't find one ready-made, Trader Joe's has one that you bake from pre-made dough. It's pretty good and not overly sweet.

      1. Rustica usually has it.

        1. Are these kouign amann as good as the ones in Japan?

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            I haven't tried them, yet, but the picture I saw of the Rustica one looked promising! If you ever happen to be in Ottawa (Ontario, not Illinois), the kouign amann at Art-Is-In is even better than Viron's and is in the same style. The ka at Au Kouign Amann in Montreal is also excellent, though is a different style.

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              I like Rustica's bread so I'll have to try the Kouign amann. Had one at Viron last June. All that delicious butter and sugar make it an occasional treat.

              1. re: steamer

                I'll report back when I've tried them. If you liked Viron's KA, you should really try to make your way to Ottawa and Montreal. Very very buttery and a perfect amount of caramelization (which to me, means a lot of caramel!)

                1. re: prasantrin

                  Montreal is a bit of a long trek for a Kouign Amann but I've always wanted to visit.

          2. Woke up early enough to get to the bakeries for opening. First stop was Rustica. I got 2 kouign amann (and some other things) and some very good coffee for the drive to the next stop (which was Bogart's). Then hit Patisserie 46 where I only got 2 kouign.

            I have pictures, but they're on my phone. Each bakery's kouign has positives--the Patisserie 46 one is very very buttery while the Rustica one has more caramelization (a plus for me, but ymmv). Patisserie 46's is a little thicker than Rustica's, but neither is particularly thin (if you've ever had Au Kouign Amann's version, theirs is much thinner than these versions). The perfect kouign would be a combination of the two. But our verdict?

            We both prefer Patisserie 46's for the extra buttery flavour. Plus if you get there shortly after 7, there are countless friendly dogs you can pet, including a beautiful St. Bernard!

            Maybe by the next visit, Black Walnut will be a freestanding B&M store, and they'll have kouign amann, too. I'd love to add it to my taste test!

            eta: I'm headed to Trader Joe's later today or tomorrow. I'd like to get their KA, but I'm not sure how well it will travel back to Canada. We have a cooler and many ice packs, but it's a 7-8 hour drive.