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Aug 2, 2014 11:25 PM

Fruit beer of another stripe -- any in Vancouver? click on "Fruits Beer" bottom right

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  1. Have you ever tried it? It kind of looks like bubble tea syrup mixed with beer...
    Maybe the closest thing would be the beer infusion from Parallel 49?

    1. Looks like commercial Sapporo beer (made in Canada, I believe) tricked out with fruit syrups of various kinds. Sounds like a real mistake.

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        1. re: Tripeler

          Could be, although this place is in LA which is why I asked if anyone has seen it here. I'd still like to try it. I'm a firm believer in not condemning something till I've sampled it. I do like some fruity beers, beer with fruit, sours and radlers, though not all of them.

          The beer infusion sounds interesting though I'm not a huge Parallel 49 fan. Storm Brewing might be worth a look as well, so thanks for those ideas, twinkie and dennis.

        2. If you want actual decent beer with fruit elements, Storm Brewing's "brainstorms" might be up your alley. Available for growler fills. This is this weekend's lineup, from their Facebook page.

          I personally like the Ginger L'Orange Pilsner. I tried a sample of the "Cradler" which wasn't bad. You can try samples before you spring for a whole growler.

          1. I had three on Thursday night at Craft Beer Market:

            - Apricot Pale Ale (Burlington VT)
            - Fruli (Belgium)
            - Mill Street Lemon Tea (Toronto)


            Mill Street was ok, the Fruli not bad but wee too sweet for me. The Apricot I found the best.

            BTW, it was my first time at Craft. The food SUCKS ! :-(

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            1. re: LotusRapper

              Yeah, for all their lip-flapping about how their food was supposed to be a cut above other beer places, Craft Beer Market's food was horrible the two times I gave them a shot.

              1. re: dennisthefoodie

                We haven't been to Craft mostly because every time we check their tap list it looks boring. Thanks for the food warning!

                I've had that Mill Street brew and you're right, it's just okay.

                Is there anywhere this side of Portland you can get good food with great beer on tap??

                1. re: grayelf

                  Unfortunately we're not at that level yet. Either places with really good food and just a few taps, or places with ok food and lots of taps. Chambar and maybe Biercraft would fall into the former category. If you have a thing for food trucks, I like going to Brassneck or 33 Acres when they have food trucks that I like. I also like some of the food at Portland Craft. Burdock & Co has Driftwood on tap, and I think Fable has at least one decent beer on tap too.

                  1. re: grayelf

                    I found it amusing at Craft, that my 6-pack sampler named "Around the World" had 4 beers from the US, 1 from Canada and 1 from Belgium. Maybe the person who came up with that night's combination came from the middle of Nebraska .......

                    1. re: grayelf

                      The Alibi Room has decent food and great beer, but its true, there isn't a place with high quality beer and food.

                      I have been to Craft a couple of times and its always been extremely disappointing. The food is below average and the service is pretty bad too. I did think the beer list was ok. They have so many beers on tap that everyone can find something they like AND something they have never had before.

                      1. re: koshfoodie

                        Just looking at their tap bar (which is humongously long) and all the tap handles, I wondered just how many they have. And if in fact there's even a close rival in GV.

                        I do like the space and our service was okay as-expected, considering that night (Thur) was pretty much fully packed.

                        Our waitress actually goofed on the bill and we realized after we left that she forgot to charge me for my sampler.

                        Good thing we tipped decently and maybe our "discount" made up somewhat for the lousy food (1 order of wings, 1 order of poutine fries).

                        I was SO close to wanting to stop by Foundation on my way home to have a platter of their nachos. All to myself.

                        1. re: LotusRapper

                          Ah, their infamous nachos. I'll have to try them someday. Not sure why I don't cuz I'm in that area for beer quite often.

                2. Those remind me of all the fruit juice + beer cocktails I saw all over Japan. Eg:

                  I thought them more akin to a lager shandy. Grapefruit, yuzu, peach, lemon, strawberry all pretty common. Tomato too (which I had to try in honor of all the morning after prairie red-eye cocktails of my youth).
                  Apparently, Asahi was promoting a calpis-beer cocktail (bleah).


                  What I'd love to see here is more ji-biru (see Baird and Hitachino nest at times but would love to see Minoh, Yo-ho (Yona Yona), Shiga-Kogen...


                  Fruit beer here, I've been enjoying the grapefruit radlers (eg. Stiegel's and Parallel 49's). Brassneck's raspberry sour is tangy and lovely (much stronger than radlers).

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                  1. re: kinnickinnik

                    Thanks, kinnick! I loves me a good shandy.

                    Not a fan of grapefruit Radler but I'm going to have to try that raspberry sour.

                    If you ever get your hands on some seasonal Swill from 10 Barrel in Bend, I recommend it: Even better on tap. I've found it bottled in Portland and Seattle but not here alas.

                    1. re: grayelf

                      Mmmm, I don't think I've had a shandy since .... can't remember. But it's a great summer beer-y drink esp. in this heat.

                      1. re: grayelf

                        I just realized I have a couple of half sacs of Bicycle and P49 Radler hanging around, kinnick. If you want them, email me using the addy in my profile.