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De Buyer, Future Shop Sale & Induction

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Future Shop has a decent sale on Dr Buyer, not quite half price.

Is anyone using this on Induction that can compare it to stainless and cast iron?

Seems like it has CI advantages without the weight? Is it more responsive on induction burners than stainless?

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  1. It depends on the thickness.

    De Buyer comes in 1-3mm, depending on the series. In the US, I'm guessing its the 3mm ones you're looking at, as the others are less common, so my post is going to focus on the 3mm thick CS pans.

    It retains heat a little less than CI, because it is thinner, but it is far less responsive than multi-ply stainless. It is pretty much like CI in terms of cooking ability, you need to season it, and avoid acidic stuff. But it also has differences, it does not hold seasoning anywhere near as well as CI, if you use metal utensils, you will scratch the seasoning off, at least when the pan is new. But it gets seasoned and nonstick much faster than CI.

    However, both my De Buyer carbon steel pans are warped, so I would not like to use them on induction. I don't know if this is normal, or if mine are just lemons.

    1. Sirrith's experience is similar to mine.

      Carbon steel has the same mass density as cast iron. Thus, a carbon steel cookware will weight the same as an equivalent cast iron cookware if they are the same thickness. However, carbon steel cookware can be made thinner and often so, therefore they are also lighter.

      Carbon steel cookware are a bit easier to season than cast iron, but carbon steel seasoning layer is not as stable as cast iron seasoning layer.

      Finally, on an induction stovetop, a carbon steel cookware should be equal or better response than a stainless steel multi-cladded cookware. On regular stovetop, then it will be other way around.