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Aug 2, 2014 08:41 PM

Petoskey/Harbor Springs/Mackinaw Island

We are visiting the Petoskey/Harbor Springs/Mackinaw Island area and looking for some restaurant recommendations. There does not seem to be many recent posts. Any favorites of locals, recommendations? We tried and enjoyed American Spoin Cafe for lunch today. Two kids around 10 yrs old, 2 adults. Thanks!

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  1. On Mackinac Island you should go to dinner at The Woods. As the name suggests, it is deep in the woods---you can get there by horse and carriage. Food is very good and the decor is even better.

    1. Our favorite place in Harbor is the New York, maybe a little fancier than you want with the kids, but the food is great and if you go early they offer 2 for one entrees. Teddy Griffin's would work with kids and the walleye is great. If you want to take a nice drive, go up 119 toward Cross Village and stop at the Crow's Nest which has good pizza and serviceable whitefish, or go on to Cross Village for a one of a kind experience at Leggs Inn. I won't even begin to describe the decor. Polish food and a fabulous location on Lake Michigan with outdoor dining. My personal favorite is Douglas Lake Bar and Steakhouse. Take 31 north from Petoskey and turn right on Douglas Lake Road, just north of Pellstom. It dead ends into the parking lot right on the lske. A real "up north' atmosphere. Whatever you do, be sure to get some whitefish.

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        Big +1 for Legs Inn. Great Polish food served inside (and outside, weather permitting overlooking Lake Michigan) in a fascinating building.


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          The PBS television show "Under the Radar" did a segment on Legs Inn (and Harbor Springs). The segment on Legs Inn begins at the 20:00 mark in the video: