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Aug 2, 2014 07:53 PM

Best Pho in Hawthrone?

I have been trying Pho house in the Hawthorne area, specifically around Hawthorne and Rosecrans?
I have tried:

Saigon Dish (quite good, so far my favorite
Pho House (terrible)
Now I cant remember the third one...

Anyway, love to hear what yall think

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  1. Saigon Dish is our favorite. Other than that we head to Little Saigon in the OC.

    1. Not quite Hawthorne but close is Gardena. Tried Pho So 1 on W Redondo Beach Blvd. and as good as our fave in Reseda. Hey, even the cashier looks like the one in Reseda! Bros probably.

      1. Pho Consomme in Gardena just west of Pho So 1 on Redondo Bch Blvd is good also.

        1. Pretty decent pho place around Hawthorne....

          Pho Hong Long
          15709 Crenshaw Blvd
          Ste A
          Gardena, CA 90249

          But by far the most consistent but unfortunately a drive down the 405

          Blue Lotus Vietnamese Cuisine
          21705 S Main St
          Carson, CA 90745

          1. Are you thinking of Pho Ever on Rosecrans, close to Western? My Vietnamese tailor said that is her favorite pho in the South Bay.