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ISO Nem Nuong (roll your own rolls)

I have only had these at Le Saigon on Santa Monica Blvd in WLA, would love to find other places that serve it. Particulalry around Hawthorne, CA where i have been trying Pho house recently.

Nem Nuong
(roll your own rolls) served with rice paper, assorted herbs, and lettuce(one choice) a. pork meatball skewers b. charbroiled sliced pork, beef, or chicken c. steam or fried tofu d. shrimp skewers (2)

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  1. Depending on where you are in Hawthorne, you're probably equidistant from Brodard (Garden Grove) and Summer Rolls (Rosemead).

    You pick. Can't lose either way.

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        my vote is for summer rolls, order the "dac biet" for 2 and assemble yourself.

      2. Kim loan in Fullerton is solid.

        1. Looking through the photos for both Brodarda nd Summer Rolls, I don't see any of the DIY steamed rice paper stacked plastic steamers trays like they have at Le Saigon?

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          1. If you want to travel to Alhambra then there is Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa on Valley by Fremont. Very small shop but definitely good.

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              Love this place! They also have Bahn Hoi


              1. re: Dommy

                is the bahn hoi fresh or does other places not offer it?

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                  It appears that more and more places are starting to offer it. But it's still not often on menus. In the past it's been one of those things that had been hard to find. Believe it or not, I was introduced to it first at the old Oki Doki. I love it...


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                  We're regulars here. I didn't comment earlier because it's the only place I've ever rolled my own, so can't compare it to anything :) All I can say is it's yummy & the people who run it are very sweet!

                3. I've eaten this stuff most of my life and I don't ever recall going to a restaurant where they bring out all the accoutrements for you to roll it yourself. Usually it's taken care of in the back and brought out to you.
                  I am aware of the 7 courses of beef restaurants offering the roll it yourself concept. We go to Hong An in Garden Grove...if you go, make sure you try the baked catfish. The crispy skin and creamy, melt-in-your-mouth fish are out of this world.

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                    a fair amount of spots do that...kim loan is one.

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                      the aforementioned summer rolls offers the "pre-built" and "diy" versions. The DIY version is about $16 and described as an order for 2.

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                        Most Little Saigon places such brodard don't offer it, but I've been to many nem nuong places outside of Little saigon that do. Both nem nuong khanh hoa and summer rolls offer it in a platter diy style.

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                          I've had it DIY at Brodard. Several years ago, though.

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                            I've had the DIY rolls at Khoah Hoa as well. It's been about three years, but they were fantastic.

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                              i had it earlier this year at vietnam house across the street from golden deli. my first attempts were not the most artistic.

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                                Ooo!! More Bahn Hoi!!!! I am finding it a lot more in places in the SGV than in Westminster! :P


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                                  In the Westminster/ Little Saigon area, Com Tam Tran Quy Cap (all locations) have DIY nem nuong (or any type of meat) rolls and banh hoi.


                                  Thanh My has both DIY rolls and banh hoi as well. The menu here is monstrous, and there's lots of other good stuff like venison curry and sour fish soup and clay pot caramelized fish.


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                                    Where do you get it in SGV? Besides summer rolls.

                                  2. re: barryc

                                    Good effort, but it does look a bit on the sad side. Practice makes perfect, so order some more! :-)

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                                      barryc's attempts are much better than any of my own. Which is why I now go with the non DIY types as I've learned rolling nem nuong expertly will never be one of my core skills.

                              2. Le Saigon where I first encountered in DEFINITELY has the DIY version, they come in pink plastic stacked steamersa nd are awesome, the photo below shows dry, unsteamed rollers, how do that get pliable?

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                                  They come with a bowl of water underneath. You dip the rice paper in for a few seconds and then take it out.

                                  Some VN restaurants will do this step for you before bringing it out to the table, but it's not preferred as the rice paper will stick to each other.

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                                    I take it you don't eat this type of food often:

                                    The unsteamed rice paper is the default way they're presented.

                                    They give you either a bowl of hot water or a whatever that particular shop uses to loosen the sheets.

                                    Not every shop uses the same exact method.

                                  2. i'm gonna be lazy and say i go to com tam thaun kieu on valley in sg and order either a nem vermicelli dish or nem appetizer with side of veg/herbs (noodles up to you), AND rice paper. voila!

                                    have i done this before? yes, but not with nem, the other dishes. if they have goi cuon or nem rolls on a menu, they've got rice paper in the kitchen.

                                    com tam is actually a pretty flexible restaurant. wanna buy a box of their beef? they'll do it! wanna buy 5 spring rolls instead of 6? they'll do it!

                                    far from hawthorne, but sharing what i do