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Jam and ?

I like jam, marmalade, and honey (not mixed!) and used to bake biscuits or scones on weekends. Now, however, I've learned that I have Celiac. I stopped eating wheat and rye a few weeks ago and feel better than I have in years, but I'd still like to eat those toppings. I don't want to "cheat" and eat bread again, but I'm looking for other ways to eat the sweets.

Here's what I have so far: Brie and fruit jams are good together, (but what to put it on if not crackers)? Apples and honey are good once in a while, and when we have crepes for dinner, I can use preserves on the last ones as desert.

What other things make good pairings and delivery vehicles for fruit preserves and honey?

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  1. yogurt
    what about gluten free biscuits and scones?

    1. Jam + roast pork = win, win!

      Oatmeal also pairs well with jam or honey. As does grits.

      1. plain un-flavored rice crackers
        rice cakes
        nut thins crackers
        mixed in cottage cheese
        mixed in to hot rice cereal or gluten-free oatmeal

        1. I find that a spoon is an excellent delivery vehicle for both.

          1. Honey and chevre is a lovely combination.

            1. You can make gf scones with alternative flours. Bob's red mill has a large range of gf products and a completely separate facility so there is no cross contamination concern.
              Mary's gone crackers are great. http://www.marysgonecrackers.com
              To save money you can make your own flax and almond flour crackers or other gf versions. Flackers are really good. http://www.drinthekitchen.com/product...
              Round of baked sweet potato with a more tart jam like raspberry (also great with almond butter and honey)
              Baked rounds of polenta
              Corn tortillas

              1. Post this thread also on the "Special Diets" board ... here on CH.

                  1. Along with pate/chicken liver mouse and other similar meat products - and there are many wonderful gluten free crackers/crisps to compliment that.

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                        Along those lines - I could also see grits and some kinds of polenta (thinking of honey in that case) could work well with a sweet preparation/topping.

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                          yes hot rice pudding with a dollop of jam, British custard (hot) with jam. Can you make a gluten free jam roly poly? A Swiss Roll?
                          I found this recipe for a Swiss Roll though they call it Roly Poly which it's not. http://www.laurasglutenfreekitchen.co...

                        2. As many have commented, you can buy or make GF crackers.

                          I'd also rec GF breads - they are much better toasted (then not) which makes them the perfect warm vehicle for jam.

                          And -- GF waffles (from trader joes) are lovely with butter and warmed jam drizzled on top.

                          1. Romaine Lettuce leaf with a spread of peanut butter and your favorite jam on top, roll up and down the hatch!

                              1. Ice cream. And depending on the variety, a nice glaze for poultry.

                                    1. A spicy marmalade sauce on barbecued ribs is a nice combo. A tasty dipping sauce for potstickers - honey, hoisin, ketchup, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar.

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                                        Don't think soy sauce is gluten free.....

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                                          You're right! Thanks for catching that.:-) Too late for me to edit the post, but a quick google shows that there are gf soy sauce alternatives.

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                                            There are gluten-free soy sauces out there, but it needs to be checked.

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                                            Thanks! I use Tamari, which is gluten free.

                                          3. cream cheese and jam on a warm english muffin

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                                              That would be very bad for a Celiac Diet

                                              1. re: chefj

                                                oops, didnt read it carefully. my apologies.

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                                                  we all do it sometime or another.

                                              2. re: majordanby

                                                That was back in the old days, before the diagnosis.