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Aug 2, 2014 03:54 PM

Suggestions for lunch w/ a kid near Dolores Park? [San Francisco]

I'm taking my five-year-old to Dolores Park and am looking for a casual place for us to grab lunch (he likes to eat in restaurants, so no picnic recs please). Open to all cuisines except sandwiches, pizza, and Chinese due to allergies. Thanks so much!

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  1. Namu Gaji's brunch has the right location with a diverse menu that might work unless the Chinese aversion has to do with soy allergies.

    Chow on Church Street is a short walk and goes well beyond sandwiches and pizza

    1. How about udupi palace? South Indian and has lots of gluten free specialties (see . Gracias Madre is also listed on that site--- they're vegan Mexican and allergy knowledgeable. Surprisingly good.


      Pica pica would be my top pick, two locations, which is gluten free but they're .8 miles away from the Dolores park playground.

      1. How adventurous is your child? My top choices, barring pizza, would be Namu Gaji or Bar Tartine.

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          Though one of the main offers at Bar Tartine for lunch is sandwiches.

        2. In the Mission? Get a Mission burrito. Many places within walking distance.

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            A whole burrito might be too much for a little one, though. Maybe a quesadilla (with or without meat)?

          2. I'm sure the 5-year-old will love Bi-Rite Ice Cream afterwards, very close to the park. They have flavors, such as salted caramel, that adults are certain to love as well.