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Aug 2, 2014 03:40 PM

Table 104 in Stamford, on Long Ridge? What do we know?

Table 104 is opening on Long Ridge, in the space recently inhabited by Matteo's (ye olde Sunrise Pizza / Quarterdeck...). Anyone have scoop?

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  1. I heard it's owned by the same folks who own Madonia up the road. If true, that bodes well. (I hadn't even thought of the Quarterdeck for years and years and would have had a hard time coming up with the name despite having eaten a lot of lunches in the old days--thanks for the memory!)

    1. Just ate there. It is on the list of definate must try! Tried the mojito, the best I have had, surpassing any I had in Florida. The have several signature cocktails and I am looking forward to working my way through the list.
      The rabbit sausage appetizer is absolutely amazing and can be eaten as a main course. The shrimp appetizer is to die for. It was fresh and light with just a hint of honey. Can't comment on the entres, but am looking forward to trying them.
      The staff is most friendly and accommodating . The decore is great, highlighted by the reclaimed barn wood siding. It is bright and open, a vast improvment. Hope you all try it! Parking is easy and plentiful.