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Chicken safety

I am somewhat gluten intolerant, so if i get the typical symptoms the next day I usually know the culprit. But the last 3 times in about 2 months that this happened there was no gluten involved.
But there was chicken. I bought chicken from several places, including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Costco, but never from a Ralphs or Vons, etc. So, I cannot blame any one source. And i am careful about how I cook it.
My question is, where can I get safe chicken to eat in L.A.? I do like a nice Tuscan roasted chicken, but I'm getting gun-shy.

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  1. Perhaps you should first see an allergist who will attempt to diagnose the symptoms properly.

    1. Agree with seeing an allergist. I have a friend who is actually allergic to chicken. You may have a similar issue.

      1. Aside from the question about where to buy safe chicken, the other question is about the chicken you're ready buying and having problems with: is it fresh, marinated, or cooked?

        It doesn't seem possible that fresh, uncooked chicken could contain *any* gluten whatsoever. Marinated chicken probably does, and cooked - more than likely.

        You might want to check with the markets that are selling the chicken that you had issues with. You may also want to check with your doctor to see if you have other food-intolerance factors or sensitivities.

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          I guess there is some confusion. I mentioned gluten because I KNOW I'm gluten intolerant. So, when I get the symptoms I look back on the previous day and ask myself what did i eat? If it wasn't gluten, then what? All three times in the last 2 months the one common denominator was chicken.
          I just read that about 97% of chicken has some form of salmonella. So, the question is, is there any safe chicken? I'm really careful with chicken. I cook it very well done. I was in the restaurant biz for 30 years, so know about food storage, cooking, etc.
          Could be that I'm very sensitive to any bad bacteria these days. But chicken keeps popping up, so where to get the safest is the question. I can always just give it up, too. I know that.

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            I don't even know what "safe" means here. Chicken can contain pathogens, but is safe when handled and cooked properly. Any food can be contaminated, but it is not likely that you will get the same contaminant from three different places, and you don't even know what the suspected contaminant is. No producer of chicken is thinking about whether it it "safe" for someone with some weird, unspecified, and undiagnosed condition — they are concerned with known contaminants regulated by the USDA.

            Until you have a diagnosis from an allergist, you have nothing to go on. Self-diagnosis is no diagnosis at all.

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                Well the safest are the ones that are "air-chilled." They have consistently tested as the cleanest with regard to bacteria.

                This article may help a bit.


                Bottom line: cook your food properly and practice safe handling and you'll be ok... Unless you have an allergy or something.

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                  Bristol Farms has offered air-chilled chicken for quite some time. I got it there on a regular basis but it's been a while since my last purchase - can't say for sure if air-chilled is still the standard there.

            1. I would buy from a fresh chicken place like Exposition Fish and Poultry 3759 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018 The chickens are process on site. Also I would have you look into FODMAP sensitivities which would be similar to Gluten intolerance but would include things like onions and dairy etc.

              1. Wear this T-shirt each time you head to a restaurant where chicken might be consumed. Servers are trained to spot the garment and will only serve its wearer safe chicken.

                1. First: consider a specialist in allergies.
                  Second: consider a Kosher butcher.

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                    >Second: consider a Kosher butcher.


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                      Kosher, smosher. There were HUGE problems a couple of years ago in Idaho or whatever state it was where the major kosher butcher house was closed down due to sanitary standards, treatment of help, etc. Kosher means nothing to me. Trader Joe's has Kosher chicken.
                      How the chicken lives its life means something.
                      When i went to Panzano, Italy and met the Butcher of Panzano (Very famous. Google him) and asked him if his beef (the best I ever ate) was grass fed, he said, "No. But I don't finish on corn. I use some grain to get the size i need (he gets his beef from a rancher in Spain!) but the most important thing to me is how the cow lived its life. If it was mistreated, I can tell when I butcher it, and don't use it."
                      Now, that's ethics. And I might add, amazing meat.

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                      You're right. The salt is a factor.

                    3. The easy alternative is to give up eating chicken. After all, a lot of things "taste like chicken."

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                        More chikin for me, in that case...

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                          Now where did you learn to spell Chicken like that?

                          1. Costco and TJs are both factory farmed and can be treated with undeclared solutions and additives and "natural flavors." Any of these could contain gluten. A kosher chicken is usually no different. I have a friend who had Celiac and couldn't t anything she didn't prepare herself. And I know she had a specific type of chicken she bough because of these issues.

                            Depending on what kind of Chicken you got at WF it could have cross-contamination from a marinade.

                            Or, worse perhaps, you could be reacting to the feed which may have gluten ingredients. If you are preparing the chicken the same way you could be reacting to another ingredient or an unknown allergy.

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                              I would be very interested in reading any articles on chicken feed causing the meat of chicken to cause the meat to have gluten in it. I don't find that a credible idea, but am willing to learn if that has been something that research has shown to be possible.

                              Here is an article from SF Gate on the issue of chicken and gluten that seems sensible: http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/chick...

                              As to markets like Whole Foods. It has been reported that they were selling a "chicken nugget" product at one time that was causing those with gluten issues to react because the coating was not gluten free.

                              Perhaps the OP has some other allergy or sensitivity to chicken produced for major markets, but I personally doubt it's gluten connected. Perhaps they should go to one of the local places in L.A. that actually kill and pluck fresh chickens and see if that alleviates their problem?

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                                Thank you, everyone, for the info. I think I know the culprit. I marinated the meat in a soy sauce marinade. I did not know that certain brands of soy sauce have gluten. Now I do. At least I think that is the culprit. We never know for sure, but it's a good guess. A lot of good info from all of you.

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                                  I can't say the idea is credible but I know people not IRL who claim that feed or feed additives are relevant.

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                                  Costco and TJ's also both sell organic chickens produced by Colemans.