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Aug 2, 2014 01:15 PM

Best source for online liquor and wine sales?

I live in a pretty rural area, so purchasing quality spirits is sometimes pretty difficult.
Can anyone recommend one or several online businesses with a good selection that sells online?
There are many that do...but is there any that stand out?

I have used Park Avenue Liquor in NYC in the past, but their website has been so buggy recently.

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  1. K&L Wines, based in the San Francisco area, is very good. They carry spirits as well as wine. If single-malt whiskies are of interest, they carry some unique offerings.

    1. As I am sure you know, shipping alcoholic beverages may be legal, illegal, or something in-between . . . all depending upon where YOU live.

      That said, for distillates, I second the suggestion of K&L (for single malts, exclusive single barrel Bourbons, Tequila), but would add D&M Liquors ( -- great for Cognacs, Armagnacs, rare bottlings of single malt Scotch, etc.).

      1. is good, although their free shipping is now limited to states around NY.

        1. Since you've used Park Ave in NYC, here are several others:
          Astor Wines
          Chambers Street Wines

          67 Wines

          1. I like Hi Time Wines, if you are in the Southwest they have great shipping pricing ($10 for 12 bottles) and they deliver in 1-2 days. They are based in CA so they have a fantastic selection. They are my favorite

            K & L will not ship spirits to certain states - I know AZ is one of them they will not ship spirits to (although wine is okay)

            I have also used DrinkupNY - they have a good selection as well, probably good to use if you are East Coast - they do carry a few items that are tough to get on the west coast.