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Aug 2, 2014 12:46 PM

Summer seafood takeout from Bethesda eateries

Thanks to this board we discovered Freddy's Lobster and Clams. We love the fried belly clams (a special, I guess - never tried the fried clam strips on the menu) and the lobster roll (cold version). We tried the pasta with clam sauce and thought it was just okay. The NE clam chowder is pretty good

We're planning another takeout meal, a particularly special celebration in this case. I think I noticed fried calamari on Freddy's menu. How is it?

Another idea would be to get some takeout from Black's Bar & Kitchen as well. The online menu shows calamari, both grilled and fried options, as well as fried oysters.

Any experience with any of the above? There's no particular theme to the meal, I guess just high-quality seafood options that work well for takeout and are in restaurants or shops concentrated near Freddy's, since we'll want the food to stay reasonably fresh and hot

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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  1. Black's is great, but not inexpensive.

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      Agreed, but as this will be a special occasion price isn't an issue

    2. I believe freshly fried oysters battered in corn meal are one of my all time favorite foods. Have made & consumed them at home more times than I could ever count. I think they begin to lose their best flavor & mouth feel after only a short time on the counter, I think as a carry out food you would likely be disappointed.

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        I think pretty much any fried food, especially seafood, goes down in quality rapidly for takeout.

        When I am at Freddy's, and they serve the fried stuff in cute little boxes, I always immediately tear the box open. I'd rather have them cool off fast than steam and ruin the crust.

        To the original question, the RI-style calamari (fried, with peppers) at Freddy's is excellent.

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          Great, thanks for the endorsement of Freddy's RI-style calamari!

          Edit: What does Rhode Island-style mean, how is it actually prepared?

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            Grilled or fried calamari, tossed with garlic butter and spicy vinegar cherry peppers.

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          I know, it's suboptimal to do takeout fried food, but dining-in isn't an option, in this case. We've had Freddy's takeout a couple of times now, and people enjoyed the food, so I think it will be okay (if not ideal). That's another reason to load up now in the warmer summer months. No way would we try this in winter!