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ethnic markets in EB (esp Afghan/Indian)

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As a north Oaklander I know the Oasis middle eastern and Korean markets on Telegraph but what others are out there? Vietnamese, Japanese,other Asian, African, whatever. Would travel to Fremont for the Afghan/Indian.

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  1. * Richmond, Pacific East Mall

    99 Ranch, Chinese and many other Asian

    Ran Kanom, Thai takeout & a few groceries

    * Albany

    Zand, Persian

    * Berkeley

    Despite its name, Tokyo Fish is a pretty fully stocked Japanese grocery store.

    Indus Foods has a sort of pan-halal-world selection of stuff.

    Spanish Table for Spanish, Portuguese, and some Mexican stuff.

    Middle East Market, Persian

    Mi Tierra for Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian, Argentine, and Colombian.

    Milan International has the widest selection of Indian spices.

    * Oakland

    There's a Vietnamese grocery on 9th or 8th near Broadway that has some of the harder-to-find herbs, such as ngo gai. They're sometimes buried in the fridge and you have to ask for them.

    Specialty Foods (formerly Oriental Lucky Mart) for a wide variety of Caribbean and African stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.

    Lao Market, Lao / Thai

    Sontepheap Market, Khmer / Lao

    Euromix, mostly Russian

    * San Leandro

    Mangal's: Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia

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      Thanks Robert! I will definitely check these out. Do you happen to know of Afghan markets? I heard there were some in Fremont along with good Indian ones.

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        I don't know about Fremont. The only Afghan grocer I've been to is in Concord.


    2. Brundo has Ethiopian spices I haven't found elsewhere

      Yuen Hop in Oakland Chinatown for noodles and dumpling wrappers.

      The markets on/around International Blvd in Oakland are worth checking out.

      Sun Hop Fat 1 is the largest and best stocked. I rotate through the others--Thien Loi Hoa, Sun Sang, Long Hing, New Saigon Super Market II.

      I really like Sontepheap--their fresh selection varies quite a bit and occasionally sell plants of various herbs/eggplants out front. Sometimes they have unlaid eggs on weekends.

      There is also Mekong Market next to/a couple doors down from Lao Market. I usually stop by both when in the neighborhood--stock is slightly different.

      Crossroads World Market in Hayward has Eastern European and Middle Eastern packaged goods (and some South American). I have to stop by anytime I'm in the area for their Greek yogurt--it is the best yogurt I've had in the Bay Area.

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      1. Oasis market on Telegraph at 30th, Oakland: Middle Eastern groceries (bins, tins, bulk spices, produce), butcher (small section in the back), deli/take-out/dine-in (good prices on olives, lebneh, hummus and lamb dishes), pastries.

        1. Ted’s Delikatessen
          1984 Monument Blvd
          Concord, CA 94518

          Polish mostly, also some Russian and other East European.
          Seems to be open Tuesday - Saturday.

          1. Santos in San Leandro has all things Indian- including fresh produce.

            1. Vik's still retains its Indian grocery - it's not the cheapest and it doesn't have the largest selection but it's still perfectly fine for basic needs - and added bonus you can eat next door.

              1. There's like half a dozen+ Afghani market in Fremont, along Fremont Blvd./Thornton, within about a 1-2 mile radius. Do a search, there's enough places to drive down and look around.

                Also there's an Afro-Caribbean market at 8th/Clay in Oakland.

                1. These pictures from January, 2011 show Marwa Market which had fresh Afghan bread on Fridays and, during the week, a buffet with lamb, chicken, and bolani. Also kebabs were grilled outside in front of the store. It's been a while, but I preferred Marwa's lunch plate over that of nearby Oasis Market across the street for value, taste and variety.

                  Marwa Halal Market
                  2956 Telegraph Ave
                  Oakland, CA


                  1. Mi Pueblo on High St. in Oakland is one of a chain of Mexican supermarkets. It's brighter and cleaner than most and they make their own tortillas in the store. I find the staff there to be super friendly and helpful.

                    Second the rec for Sun Hop Fat and Cross-roads World Market (although I like the one in Palo Alto better than the one in Hayward). For Vietnamese I usually go to Thien Loi Hoa Supermarket on E. 12 just because it's more convenient for me.

                    I like Damavand (Persian and Afghan) in Fremont, but I don't know how it stacks up against other markets in Fremont.