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Aug 2, 2014 11:43 AM

New Orleans next weekend bringing a first timer

Will be arriving next Friday morning August 8 in New Orleans leaving Monday mid-day. My husband and I have been at least 40 times over the last 20 years, but
not as much the last five years due to starting a business. We are bringing our young chef who has never been to your fair city and would like to include a fine dining experience - we are into great food, but can do without the pretense. Back in January we had our two best meals at Irene's and Cochon and plan to include those. Will probably stop at Parkway for poboy's on the way into the city.

Haven't tried Revolution - how is the brunch? Thanks all you foodies!

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  1. R’evolution may be the epitome of pretention. That’s not to say it’s bad, I quite like the place, but if you are looking for something more low key, I would suggest Brigsten’s or maybe Gautreau’s, nice Uptown cottages with great food and intimate atmospheres. Other fine dining experiences that come to mind- Upperline, Herbsaint and, if you prefer to stay in the French Quarter, Bayona (but I haven’t been in a while and have read some recent negative reports.

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      I agree about the pretense of Revolution (won't play the apostrophe game..the hell with 'em) I don think you can go wrong with Gaitreaus..and I'd throw in Clancy's.
      I was at BAyona in Aprl or MAy and it was great. A neighbor went afew weeka ago and she said it was excellent, as always. She said the crabmeat was terrific and I noted that Galatoire's crabmeat has been superb lately. The crabs in lac des Allemans have been running really good although Lake Salvador is complaining.

    2. and tell the newcomer: whether food or drink, NOLA is a marathon, not a sprint. pacing is crucial.

      you can be constantly sated or constantly a bit tipsy, but never to complete excess unless you were tired of that shirt or wallet anyway.

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      1. re: hill food

        Laughing my a*& off! Great advice to anyone visiting NOLA!

      2. This is a last-minute trip and we couldn't get our usual spots, so are staying at Le Pavillon for the first time and will have a car, though finding parking near restaurants may be a stretch. Mind you, without our rookie, we would take a different approach, but for our first-timer, we want to include some classics - gumbo, étouffée, poboys, flaming desserts (if anyone still does that), etc. I love the RB at Parkway but open to suggestions. Honestly, can't remember the last time I had gumbo or étouffée in NOLA so need help there. Also want to include some of the "only in New Orleans" experiences - beautiful courtyards, old school breakfast or brunch. There is no way we will be able to demolish three meals a day, will try for two a day with appetizer/cocktails/whatever in between.

        Here's our tentative plan of attack. Critiques please!

        Friday morning will stop at Morning Call just because I want our young friend to try both famous Cafe au Lait and Beignets.

        Lunch at Parkway (RB for me, Surf and Turf for hub, . . .)

        Dinner at Irene's because we love it and have never been disappointed.

        Will probably walk to Lafitte's for cocktail and amble down Bourbon so "the virgin"
        can take it all in.

        Will probably end up at Cafe Du Monde at 2 a.m.


        Will have coffee at hotel

        Lunch reservation at Cochon at 1 (really love the assorted small plates)

        Will probably grab a snow ball at Hansen's later in the afternoon - suggestions

        Was thinking of Clancy's or Brigtsen's for dinner (have been meaning to try both)

        Will probably end up at Cafe Du Monde at 2 a.m.


        Brunch reservation at Antoine's at 1145
        (last year did jazz brunch at Commander's and it was good, but not great)

        I tend to shy away from hotel brunches, but I see that The Crystal Room at our
        hotel has an a la carte breakfast in addition to the buffet (NO BUFFETS!)

        We may grab a muffaletta at Central Grocery and stash it away to share later.
        Is Central open Sunday? Think they are closed Monday?

        This may be blasphemy, but haven't been to Court of Two Sisters in 30 years and have heard all the negative, but wondering about dinner there for the courtyard ambience? I remember Feelings Cafe had a lovely courtyard too, but haven't been in 8 or 10 years. ????

        Will probably end up at Cafe Du Monde at 2 a.m.


        Will need to be at airport by 1:30 p.m., so late breakfast or early lunch

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        1. re: kissdacook

          It might be late to get in at Brigsten's or Clancy's although if you showed up at the latter about 5:00 I'm sure Brad could work you in. Crabmeat is running very well right now. At Antoine's I always recommend the Oysters Foch but the Rock, of course, are the classic.

          I hope Lafitte's is tolerable. The last time I saw it the place was a frat party...absolutely awful. We didn't go in(but it was the week of theTennessee Williams Festival so that may have fouled it all up.)

          1. re: hazelhurst

            Think the oysters are on the dinner menu. Will try to get a reservation at Brigtsen's or Clancy's Saturday. If that's not possible, now wondering if we should try to switch our Sunday brunch res at Antoine's for Saturday dinner res?

            By the way, how do you pronounce Brigtsen's? I've only seen the name in print and can only guess!

            1. re: kissdacook

              I'd do Galatoire's Saturday and keep Antoine's bruch Sunday...the latter will be calm but they will shut down fairly early...that is not really a "lingering" brunch.

              As to pronounciation, well, you are adrift in the New Orleans world of language. Some say " Bright-stens" and others say "Brig-sten's" I just say "Frank." ("MEL-pomene" or "Mel POM-o-nee?" "TERP-sichore" or Terp-SICK-ore?" Or, even, "TOIP-sichore." "Burgundy Street is, however, always "Bur-GUN-dy." And a few still pronounce "General Pershing" as "Berlin" or, more accurately, "BOIL-in."

              1. re: hazelhurst

                If it matters -- and I'm pretty sure it doesn't -- the correct spelling of Brigtsen's is just that (notice that the "t" comes before the "s"), and the correct pronunciation is BRIGHT-sins.

                (Your comment of just saying Frank reminds me of Bob Clark, the former dean of the Harvard Law School, who used to refer to Judge Frank Easterbrook of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit as "Judge Easterbrook, formerly Professor Easterbrook, formerly Frank.")

                1. re: Blumie

                  Pleased to say I got a reservation at Brigtsen's for Saturday night.

          2. re: kissdacook

            oh I love the duck at Irene's...

            2 Sisters or O'Brien's for that matter, ehh just knock back a few drinks and move on.

            1. re: hill food

              Will definitely nix dinner at Court of Two Sisters and stop for a drink, time permitting. I've seen no comment on Feelings and haven't been there in years - any Sunday evening recommendations? Noticed lots of restaurants closed Sunday.


            2. re: kissdacook

              I would grab a Muffaletta from Cochon Butcher on Monday AM before your flight. They open at 11:00 AM.

              1. re: kissdacook

                i know i will get derided for standing up for Court of Two Sisters, but our experience there in the courtyard at night was magical. Not just the atmosphere with twinkling lights and the sound of tinkling water in the fountain, but the service and food were spot on. I had one of the best filets mignon there (by that time of our trip i was craving some good red beef), and hubby's seafood pasta was yummy. drinks were strong and well-executed. what was not to like? ok, it may be for the tourists, but these tourists liked it. On our fourth trip to New Orleans, we decided to give it a try and we were not disappointed. Is it the best place in the quarter? hell no...but it's not a must miss either. .

              2. Now that I have a reservation at Brigtsen's, what is the can't miss dish?

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                  1. re: kissdacook

                    Butternut Shrimp Bisque, just a cup.

                    1. re: kissdacook

                      I don't recall a single dish I haven't enjoyed at Brigtsen's. The duck is my go-to dish, but the gulf fish is always amazing, too, as is the seafood platter (not a traditional fried seafood platter of the type you'd find up here in the Northeast).