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Aug 2, 2014 11:26 AM

Dining Suggestions Near the Tokyo Westin

Will be spending 5 days at the Tokyo Westin in Meguro-ku this December. It's been 20 years since last in Tokyo and I am unfamiliar with this location. So I'm wondering if there are any good places to eat nearby.

Anything Japanese is ok, sushi, ramen/udon/soba, yakitori,tempura, yakiniku, unagi, etc. Prefer moderate rather than high end pricing if that helps. I have compiled a list of restaurants around Tokyo, but none in the immediate hotel vicinity, so hoping for some recommendations from those of you familiar with this area. Willing to walk, train or subway while there. Thanks.

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  1. It's in Ebisu, one of the better eating neighborhoods in the city. Especially for moderate priced places. Ebisu is on the Yamanote loop line and Hibiya subway, so you have easy access to a lot of the city.

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      Thanks Silverjay, good to know that about the Ebisu neighborhood. Access to the Yamanote line was one of the reasons we decided on the Westin. I think some of the restaurants on my list may have come from you, Yachiyo in Tsukiji, Kawamura and Tomoegata in Ryogoku.

    2. I'm not a big unagi fan, I would eat it if it was put in front of me but I didn't go out of my way for it. However for unagi Matsukawa in Ebisu was always touted as pretty good by my coworkers. Always lines during the summer unagi days. You'll need to go with another person probably due to the seating, and I recommend a Japanese speaker just due to the nature of the place, but you don't need reservations for lunch. It's open all day so perhaps take a late lunch or early dinner.

      Worked for a long time in Ebisu, and lived pretty close by, so other than things that have changed in the last couple years, I can help out, but try to do some searches first on and this board, you list a pretty broad range of stuff for 5 days...

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      1. re: kamiosaki

        I did have some places in mind, Hinone Mizuone and Dedesuke for izakaya fare. Ebisu Kaigan and Ibiza for seafood. Karashi for teppanyaki, as we are meeting my son's college roommate who is working in Tokyo (6' 2" blonde carnivore). Nichinanshi Jitokko Kumiai for nabe mono. Hope these are in the general vicinity.

        For unagi I'm thinking Marushizu in Tsukiji, but will look at Matsukawa as well. Thanks.

        1. re: curiousgeo

          Personal favorites for ramen within walking distance of Ebisu Garden Place are:

          Ippudo (this branch was the main store in Tokyo)
          Kamachi (turns into an izakaya at night)
          Chomoranma (hang out with the salarymen at lunch and dinner)
          Tsukumo cheese ramen

          Of course Tenkaippin on your way home after drinking, but that may not appeal to all.

          I believe 1 or 2 of the places you list are actually at the top of the EGP tower - they'll be good but not spectacular. If you want a more Japanesey experience try the Ebisu Yokocho, northeast of the station, just off Komazawa Dori.

          1. re: kamiosaki

            >I believe 1 or 2 of the places you list are actually at the top of the EGP tower - they'll be good but not spectacular.

            I assume you're talking about Hinone Mizunone (at the top of the YGP tower), and I quite enjoyed dinner there - nice homemade tofu, good charcoal-grilled meats, and decent price performance for a Y3500 budget. Although it's been a few years since I went there - perhaps you have more recent experience? I certainly wouldn't discount it because of its location - it's not like high-altitude restaurants are all that uncommon in Tokyo.

            >If you want a more Japanesey experience try the Ebisu Yokocho, northeast of the station, just off Komazawa Dori.

            Do you (or anyone else) have specific recommendations there? It always looks like fun, but my one experience there was mediocre and overpriced. Now I often take visitors through there on the way somewhere else.

            Thanks for the ramen recommendations - the cheese place looks quite interesting....

            1. re: Robb S

              Sorry for the delay in responding back again. I didn't mean to imply that the restaurants at the top of YGP are the quality level they are, or that they are to be discounted, simply due to the fact that they at the top of a tower - there are many counter-examples to that all over town of course, but that they are not the best you can do in Ebisu for a given price point, or if you are searching for a minimum quality level. Now if it's raining and you want to get out of the hotel but not schlep around Ebisu in the rain - they are certainly more than serviceable, as are all the places in the station. I don't think any of them have a price perf ratio better than "decent", since they are effectively hotel restaurants. The YGP complex is pretty dated now compared to all the other similar complexes within the 23 wards. My last experiences there were probably 2012 at the latest.

              If you do go to the top of the tower, you can take the employee elevator and not have to wait online with a bunch of obachans. Take it back down if you want a bit of view.

              For the yokocho you are right, none of them are even guaranteed to be good. The web site says 6 new places opened recently - myrec was more for the Japanesey feel than food quality. My rec to the OP would be Ginmaru.

              As I think about all the lunches and dinners in Ebisu over the years the following pop into mind immediately:

              - there's another eel place on the other side of the station, 1/2 way up the slope on the left side that goes south うな徳
              - butaya (down the street going away form Komazawa Dori from where WTD is) for butadon
              - What the Dickens
              - Sakura Suisan
              - Teras broiled meat and veg's in a bowl (get the oyster sauce one) (in the alley behind Chomoranma and KimuKatsu) this is the best I can do for the location:

              - the tonkatsu place in the station 4th or 5th floor that used to be Saboten
              - the chirashi don place across komazawa dori going north from the station, e.g. directly across from the takarakuji place
              - the soba place around the corner from matsukawa
              - when Monsoon Cafe had the lunch buffet out they were decent for cost perf
              - ramen tai, in an old lady's living room - pretty good kumamoto ramen


              1. re: kamiosaki

                Mmm, nice recommendations. I've always been intrigued by Butaya....

                1. re: Robb S

                  Get the omori butadon. I remember they have that slimy tororo sauce so be sure to nuki that if you don't want it. And they don't open for lunch until 12 sharp, which was always an annoyance since we were typically of the "leave early (~11:30), beat the other dork squads to the cheap places, and come back early" opinion.

                  Now my company is in the (relative) culinary wasteland of Otemachi so when I visit, it's a hike over to Kanda or down to Marunouchi bldg (we are a couple doors north from Eiraku) for anything decent. At least the Kanda Jiro is within walking distance so I can get a semi-annual fix.

                  1. re: kamiosaki

                    "my company is in the (relative) culinary wasteland of Otemachi"

                    What about all those new Otemachi restaurant complexes though? Like Ootemori, with Camp curry shop and a bunch of other places. Or iiyo!!, with Birdland and Hot Spoon. Or "Otemachi Financial City" with twenty new restaurants. Surely Otemachi is getting better, no?

                    1. re: Robb S

                      I've only spent time in Otemachi in the last two years, more than I ever did in the previous 8 (and overall it's still not a lot of time outside the office), so if you say Otemachi is on the upswing I believe you. I did say "relative" :-). We were in Otemachi 20 years ago and moved to YGP in 1996. Even though my company will cover the MO or the 4S, I actually stay in the Comfort Hotel in Kanda to conserve travel budget and stay longer - also I can hoof it to Iwamotocho station to get over to Shinjuku quickly, or walk up to Akihabara or down to Kanda at night.

                      We're actually in OFC - the vast majority of the places in the basement are chains or semi-chains. Don't get me wrong - I love Mister Donut as much as the next guy, FWTW. I've been to the Thai place and the yakitori place. I mentioned Eiraku iiyo!! - I have been to Birdland but not Hot Spoon. Never been to Ootemori - the web site suggests that they have a more varied selection than OFC so I will put that on the list.

                2. re: kamiosaki

                  Sorry I just remembered that WTD is further *away* from Komazawa Dori than Butaya. I think there is a Hub or something else closer to the Dori that was confusing me. Also I wonder if Teras is still there. It's on your site but this site says closed.


                  This is the sushi/chirashi don place:


                  And the soba place Kaori ya.


                  1. re: kamiosaki

                    Teras is indeed gone - thanks for the heads-up.

        2. Yes, plenty to eat in Ebisu.

          I like Kappo R, a grill place with modern izakaya items including some stylish salads, plus a full grilled-chicken menu, not particularly expensive (1-13-3 Ebisu) and Kyo-shizuku, Kyoto cuisine, set menus in the evening, a bit more expensive (1-12-25 Meguro). Near Kappo R, you also have the original Afuri ramen and an ice-cream place Ouca which has an interesting range of local flavours.