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Aug 2, 2014 11:13 AM

Cinnamon-sugar almonds: best preparation method

I've seen 2 main versions:
...Using egg white to coat the almonds with a cinnamon-sugar mixture, then baking. This version does not appear to be used commercially.
...Use water to candify the mixture on the stovetop. I wonder if these come out as crunchy due to the water and non-baking method.

Which version have you made?
What are the pros/cons of these 2 methods (or other ones you know of)?

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  1. I make them in my crock pot. Great hostess gift around the holidays. IIRC I got the original recipe from the year of slow cooking blog

    ETA-yup, here it is.

    1. I would follow the gramercy tavern spiced nuts recipe (which is amazing!) and omit the cumin/ginger/ nutmeg, double the cinnamon to 2tsp, and maybe increase the sugar as well if you want them sweeter. I would keep the black pepper, salt, and touch of cayenne.

      1. The Spanish Style ones done completely on the Stove top come out VERY crunchy

        1. I use the egg white/ cinnamon sugar version on walnuts and pecans, and really like it. They are good for eating out of hand, as well as on salds, etc. I usually bake them, cool, and freeze in zip lock bags. They don't get soggy when defrosted.

          1. I looked up those recipes, thanks to everyone for sharing.

            Saving the egg white versions for if I can't find a water one that I like.

            Comparing 3 well-reviewed recipes of the water version, I found that if I convert them to all use 4 c almonds, we have:

            1 - 3.5 c water (huge range)
            3 - 6 c sugar (again, wow)
            2 - 12 tbsp cinnamon
            3 tsp salt (only 1 recipe had any salt)

            Off to experiment!

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              "4 c almonds" s/b "12 c almonds"