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Cinnamon-sugar almonds: best preparation method

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I've seen 2 main versions:
...Using egg white to coat the almonds with a cinnamon-sugar mixture, then baking. This version does not appear to be used commercially.
...Use water to candify the mixture on the stovetop. I wonder if these come out as crunchy due to the water and non-baking method.

Which version have you made?
What are the pros/cons of these 2 methods (or other ones you know of)?

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  1. I make them in my crock pot. Great hostess gift around the holidays. IIRC I got the original recipe from the year of slow cooking blog

    ETA-yup, here it is.

    1. I would follow the gramercy tavern spiced nuts recipe (which is amazing!) and omit the cumin/ginger/ nutmeg, double the cinnamon to 2tsp, and maybe increase the sugar as well if you want them sweeter. I would keep the black pepper, salt, and touch of cayenne.

      1. The Spanish Style ones done completely on the Stove top come out VERY crunchy

        1. I use the egg white/ cinnamon sugar version on walnuts and pecans, and really like it. They are good for eating out of hand, as well as on salds, etc. I usually bake them, cool, and freeze in zip lock bags. They don't get soggy when defrosted.

          1. I looked up those recipes, thanks to everyone for sharing.

            Saving the egg white versions for if I can't find a water one that I like.

            Comparing 3 well-reviewed recipes of the water version, I found that if I convert them to all use 4 c almonds, we have:

            1 - 3.5 c water (huge range)
            3 - 6 c sugar (again, wow)
            2 - 12 tbsp cinnamon
            3 tsp salt (only 1 recipe had any salt)

            Off to experiment!

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              "4 c almonds" s/b "12 c almonds"

            2. Also wondering if anyone's made these with demerara or brown sugar...? We don't have white sugar.

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                Should be fine
                Assuming it is the Granular Sugar and not moist or cakey.

              2. Turned out very nice! Used raw sugar, minimum amounts of water and sugar, moderate on the cinnamon, forgot to add any salt this time. Everyone who's sampled so far has really liked them. Double bonus as they're so quick and easy to make.